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Out in the hall, Bailey cracks up to learn that Richard is keeping the twin bits as a birthday present to himself. He then makes a comment about a surprise party but Bailey tells him awkwardly that they really don't have a plan, but he's welcome to come to dinner with her and Ben! She gets pretty into this idea but Richard saves face and fibs that he was just joking, telling her to have fun.

Mere walks into her lab and totally busts Eric and Stephanie, who are actually using the printer. Stephanie thinks Mere should check out Eric's work but she won't listen and instead gives a speech about how she's continuing her mother's research so this project is like her baby, and she's failed it. He is very confused and points out that this isn't true but she cuts him off to continue her woeful speech about how other people's babies are thriving and saving lives while hers is sitting in the basement. "We need to change that." Stephanie and Eric both immediately notice that she actually used the word "we," and she orders Eric to sit down and listen while she goes over some important points before they start printing again. Stephanie is grinning because she'll be able to do actual work once again and now she's also going to be working with a cute young dude who I would assume is outside of the hospital dating policy…? Well, regardless, it's not like any of them are following it that closely anyway.

Cheryl is holding her baby, and trying to guilt Smash into going back to Christina again. But he knows better, and he points out that she can go on the transplant list and maybe she can make it into another trial instead. In that special way of teenagers she pouts that she wants this one, but Smash apologizes and maintains that she doesn't meet the criteria. He then suggests she call her own mom, figuring she's worried about her daughter. That seems to make Cheryl think a little while she cries.

Richard's got a date with his lady for his birthday, and while they walk to the restaurant Catherine admits that he's really proud that Jackson had the "stones" to stand up for true love, but she'd never actually admit that to him. Richard is all grumbly and she assumes it's that he doesn't have a party, but he says that it's actually because of Owen trying to push him into retirement. Catherine is horrified at the idea, not least because she was looking forward to starting a new phase of life with Richard and she doesn't want to do it with some layabout. She tells him that if he's truly not up for it, he should step aside, but if he is… he cuts her off with a kiss, and she then leads him inside and tells him as she opens the door to act surprised. He's confused for only a second and then acts appropriately surprised and genuinely delighted to see everyone gathered for his birthday after all, even the residents.

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