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Jackson and April are having a good-natured tiff about dirty dishes in the sink because, you know, they didn't know each others' dirty dishes habits before they ran off and got married. April immediately forgets that, though, when she looks across the way and sees a very unhappy Catherine glowering at them from across the room. The newlyweds both kind of freak out, but Jackson pulls himself together and lies that it will be fine as they go to face her. Catherine drawls, with no hint of amusement in her voice, "So, I understand congratulations are in order?" Jackson protectively puts his arm around his bride.

Bailey and Leah have a patient with pain in his abdomen, and are shocked when his wife tells them he's had this nagging discomfort for ten years now. While they do an ultrasound, he explains that he's a junk collector and that doesn't really come with benefits but he just finally signed up for insurance so thought he'd get it checked out. The docs find a mass and the wife freaks out that it's cancer, but Bailey makes and immediately tries to hide a delighted face and funny music starts to play so it's obvious this is not going to be some dark, terminal case. Bailey orders a CT but won't yet tell Leah what she thinks it might be.

Derek gets a page and finds Owen, Callie, and a woman introduced as Callie's attorney all waiting for him in the conference room. Callie's not going to quietly let Derek just take his sensors back and go home, so she spoke to Owen about her concerns and then lawyered up. Derek is, unsurprisingly for a man who rarely finds himself challenged and handles it ungracefully when he is, not happy about this development.

Bailey and Leah are doing the scan, and Leah still can't figure out why Bailey is wriggling around like an excited puppy until Bailey tells her to look closer. Whatever it is, Leah gasps, and then when Mere walks in she is shocked and immediately claims a spot on the surgery. Bailey tells her to hold her horses, because she's going to call Richard and invite him a birthday gift.

Smash sees what he thinks is his last candidate but a young pregnant girl rushes into the office and announces that her name is Cheryl, and she is what he is looking for: she has the same condition as Baby Nathan and has had at least one failed procedure to try and fix it. Smash carefully points out that they are looking for pediatric patients who are still growing. Despite her crack about the growth of her stomach of late, she doesn't fit the bill, but she persists and tells him she's due in six weeks and would like to actually survive to raise her baby.

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