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Richard comes into the CT room and isn't sure of what to make of Bailey and the others looking like cats with canaries. Bailey tells him she's got a birthday surprise, and he grumbles while he puts on his glasses and takes a look at what seems to be a tiny skeleton. It turns out that their patient, Greg, absorbed his own twin in utero and that's what is now causing his pain. Richard's excitement now matches the ladies' since this is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of find; he exclaims, "Hot diggity!" as Bailey again wishes him happy birthday.

Alex has presented Jo with the "love contract" so that they can date without suspension but she finds it creepy and alarming and refuses to sign. Arizona walks by and mentions some crazy awesome groundbreaking pediatric procedure that she and Alex will be doing later; Alex tries to use that as bait to get Jo to sign but she holds firm.

Since Leah is still a resident, she's worse at her poker face than the older doctors when they explain the situation to Greg. While he tries to absorb (sorry) the news, they explain that it should be removed because the pain he's experiencing could be a sign that it will cause problems for him in the future. They tell him they've scheduled surgery, but Greg finally finds his voice and yells at them to stop calling the mass "it" because that's his brother. His wife is suitably horrified by his excitement.

While Cheryl is begging Smash to just call Cristina and ask her if she'll make an exception, of course her water breaks. Through a contraction she tells Smash she doesn't have anyone for him to call because her parents don't talk to her and she's not sure of the identity of the baby's father. She's persistent and again tells him to call Cristina and ask her to bend the rules.

Smash goes to Cristina to ask her about Cheryl, but Cristina of course holds firm that Cheryl is too old and they can't risk skewing the results of their trial. She reminds Smash that this is why she was only looking at the hearts in the first place -- so she wouldn't be emotionally influenced. She reminds him and explains to us that the trial is for kids 1-12 only. Owen then calls her and she switches gears to tell him that she thinks internet dating might be just the thing for him.

Derek is in a heated argument with Callie about the sensors; he points out that he signed a contract while she counters that the sensors were both of theirs so he had no right to sign them away on his own. He's also surprised that she's challenging him since just the day before they had a playdate for Sofia and Zola and she didn't mention any of these concerns. Callie won't be derailed by mention of their adorable children, and reminds Derek that the sensors were developed for research that she started and invited him to participate in. The then says that if he impairs her access, he will be prosecuted, and her lawyer looks on proudly at her businesslike delivery of the threat. Owen suggests taking it to the board first to see if they can figure out a solution that doesn't involve turning this show into an episode of Law & Order and tells Derek to leave the sensors alone until he hears back from Owen.

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