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In another conference room, Catherine is sitting across from the newlyweds while April gives a long, pleading apology. Jackson cuts her off and tells his mom that he knows why she's there and she didn't need to come, since he's already called their family attorney. It turns out that Catherine is there because she's worried about the financial interests of the Avery family. April is appalled that Catherine would think she's after money but Catherine smoothly counters that she left a man at the alter to run off and marry another, so she's not sure of what April or even Jackson are capable. Since they didn't sign a pre-nup, she had a post-nuptial agreement drawn up for them to sign instead. Jackson is livid, and shoves the paperwork back at her, while April can only gape in shock before following Jackson out the door.

Outside, she tells Jackson she wants to just sign and be done with it but Jackson tells her that he doesn't want that and the point is actually that this was a conversation for the two of them to have on their own, rather than on Catherine's terms. April, however, points out that they are all family now and she thinks offering an olive branch wouldn't be the worst idea. Jackson eventually agrees and acknowledges that April is a better person than either Avery, but won't let April go back immediately since he wants to let Catherine stew in her own juices for a little while.

Leah shows the freaky absorbed twin scans to Stephanie, and can't help but gloat that she gets to handle an uber-rare medical oddity while Steph gets to babysit. They offer to let Eric take a look and he first declines, but then decides he wants to see. He's completely grossed out, and then argues that he can read without supervision thankyouverymuch. His statement would have been more believable if Stephanie hadn't caught him doodling in the margins of the reports. Leah leaves, and Steph starts to quiz him on what he was supposed to be reading.

A line has formed outside Greg's room that could rival any good St. Patrick's Day crowd at an Irish pub. Inside, Richard presents the case to a new flock of interns. Owen walks in like the resident barfly allowed to cut the line but after that retirement suggestion, Richard's not feeling like giving Owen any kind of freebie and makes him go wait like everybody else. Greg is handling it all well but after hearing repeatedly how rare and special a case this is, he declares that they aren't going to take baby brother out after all. His wife and the doctors are all horrified, but he insists that he's not going to sign the consent form.

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