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At lunch, Mere is complaining to Cristina about her life until Cristina points out that Mere is working on an amazing case and, to prove her point, she tries to weasel her way onto the team herself. Alex comes over and does the same, but both he and Cristina are shot down. Mere just can't get over her nervousness at leaving the new kid alone with the printer, comparing it to leaving your kids with a babysitter who could wind up partying like a teenage Meredith would surely have done if someone were ever crazy enough to leave her alone with their children. Cristina is browsing dating profiles, trying to find a match for Owen, and ignores Alex's suggestion that she and Owen just go back to hooking up. He then tells a surprised Mere that Jo won't sign the contract and warns that if this spooks her away, he's blaming Mere completely. He leaves as Callie and Arizona walk up, and Callie gripes about Derek even though she's supposed to be keeping quiet about the situation for now. Lunch is finally broken up when Mere gets a page and runs off in a panic.

She finds Richard erasing their procedure from the surgery board and Bailey yelling at him that he's ruined everything. They both offer suggestions of what Richard could say to fix the situation and he shoots them all down but promises that he'll fix it since he was the one to mess it all up in the first place. He then gripes that this has turned into the worst birthday ever.

Smash goes to Cheryl and lies that Cristina didn't give him an answer yet but now that he's back to being his normal, sweet, kinda meek self instead of a sleep-deprived power-hungry monster, he's also a bad liar and she sees right through him. She grimaces through a contraction while she explains that doctors told her she'd be dead by 15 so she dropped out of school to hitchhike and have sex. She obviously lived past 15 and wound up in her current situation, and now she's quite interested in living. She begs Smash to talk while he coaches her to breathe.

Jo is bitterly helping a non-pediatric patient when Alex comes in with the contract and reminds her that she could be in on this groundbreaking surgery if she would just sign. He adds that he thought it was crazy at first too but then realized it was just a piece of paper. But she's convinced that every time someone signs a document things go wrong, like romance fizzling once a couple gets married or this poor lady they are talking over, who signed a DNR and is now actually using it. You know, which is actually THE WHOLE PURPOSE of a DNR so it makes no real sense for her argument but, but whatever. She connects signing something to doom and gloom. One could also point out that if she doesn't sign, they are going to have to either actually break up, start lying about their relationship again which will surely end in tears, or keep outright breaking the rules and getting suspended/taken off of choice rotations – so really, not signing the paper has as much doom and gloom attached as signing it does. Arizona comes in and gets Alex for the surgery, so he snaps the offending contract back out of Jo's hands and leaves her and her principles to change colostomy bags.

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