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Derek goes to Callie, and tries to use his powers of charm to tell her how amazing and important his research is, and how she should want to give him the sensors so that he can go change the face of medicine or some such because one day this brilliant research will trickle down and help her somehow. He starts drawing on a poster of the brain, explaining what they are doing like she's an idiot, until Callie yells at him to stop being a patronizing asshole. No matter how much he tries to tell her that his research will eventually feed hers, she maintains that he wouldn't have the sensors if not for her project in the first place. She draws a little circle with a bunch of lines shooting out and yells at him that he thinks he's the center of the universe. After a moment of contemplation, she points out that her drawing also looks like a butthole and hey, either works. Point to Callie! It's nice to see someone call Derek out on his insufferable ego every once in a while.

Smash brings Cristina to Cheryl's room and after introducing them Cheryl immediately begins to beg in between contractions for a spot in the trial. Cristina calmly listens to her chest and plays it off like she was just called to consult on what could be a difficult delivery; she tells the girl that she has a slight murmur but is otherwise well, and the doctor will call her if there are any complications. After that, she calls Smash aside for a word.

Out in the hallway, he immediately launches into a defense of his actions but she just warns him he was out of line and reiterates that Cheryl doesn't meet the criteria and the answer is still no. She admits that this is a hard study since it involves dying children and their families, but when Smash jumps in to say that Cheryl doesn't have a family, Cristina points out that he's obviously now too emotionally involved and now it's just going to be harder on them both when he has to tell her no. She orders him, "Do your job," and leaves.

Greg is demanding to be discharged, and when the doctors urge him to reconsider he gives a nice little speech about how people throw things away all the time without knowing the value of them, but it turns out he's had this valuable thing inside of him all along. His wife pleads with him until Richard interjects and shocks everyone by agreeing with Greg. Mere is now trying to talk sense into Richard but Richard just reiterates that people throw things way too easily. That said, he promises Greg that if he lets them do the surgery, Richard will save his twin bits in a jar for Gary to take home afterward. Greg's wife's face indicates that twin bits were not part of the bargain when she said her wedding vows, but Greg is elated. Richard even admits he does this kind of thing all the time, which is true -- he does have his old collection of medical oddities hidden away somewhere.

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