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Back at the Sensor Standoff, Callie holds firm that, "The sensors were an answer to a question I asked you." Of course Derek counters that they were HIS answer, and he's really in full-on I'm Brilliant Derek Shepherd so Shut the Fuck Up mode. Finally, though, he plays his ace – if she fights him in court, she won't win anyway because his is the only name on all of the materials and patents. She's as pissed as she has every right to be, and Derek apologizes and tells her he feels terrible. She spits back that the reason he feels terrible is that he's doing the wrong thing and he knows it. She then yells that he never had to answer to anyone before but now he has to answer to the President and he's afraid to say no even when he knows he's wrong. Another ten million points to Callie! Derek just pouts in response.

Cristina calls Owen down to her lab but while it's good that she's narrowed down her heart candidates, she actually just wants to nag him about his online dating profile. He's incredibly reluctant to play along so she finally sits down to set up his profile herself. After much goading, he finally starts describing someone who is very obviously Cristina: someone who doesn't like to cook or even get out of bed on a day off, who sleeps super soundly, who has known suffering, and who just knows and understands him without wanting to change him. He adds that he's pretty sure there's only one of this girl, and then he leaves. Cristina just sits, with a kind of defeated air about her.

April and Jackson suck it up and go back to see Catherine, and when they walk in April tells her that she'll be happy to sign the paperwork. But har har, she's just a country girl who doesn't get it and Jackson explains that she should have her lawyer review it first and then they can discuss with the Avery family lawyer and get it all worked out and THEN she'll sign. April is a bit overwhelmed but tries to hide it and replies that she'll find herself one. This is a little bit ridiculous because Jackson would know full well that April doesn't have a personal attorney already on hand but we're supposed to really start seeing their differences now that they are hitched. To that point, Catherine then asks then if they want to have kids, and both Jackson and April seem surprised but pleased to hear the other say yes. Catherine then gets her Catherine on and immediately asks in what religion the kids will be raised. This is important because all Avery children are on the board of the family Foundation, and start sitting in on meetings at the tender age of 15 and voting at 18. Catherine confirms that April is pro-life and then starts firing questions at her about if her unborn children will vote to stop funding institutions that perform or even provide information on abortions, or support stem cell research. April defends that she may be a Christian but that she doesn't judge others on their beliefs or choices, but Catherine is on a roll. While Jackson grows angrier and April grows more befuddled, Catherine launches into her finale: that it would be great if this was all just about a mother-in-law who is pissed off because she wasn't at the wedding, but it's really about this massive institution that she helped build and what will happen to it in the future when their children take over. "And I don't get the impression that either of you have given a moment's thought to what that means." And by the looks on both of their faces, she's not wrong.

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