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It's standing room only in the OR for Greg's surgery, but Stephanie manages to get through to the operating table to beg Mere to let Eric just use the dang printer, already. She's frustrated that she's not actually participating in this surgery because she has to babysit him, but Mere won't budge. The doctors are pulling out a lung here, a tooth there, a spinal column… it's all rather disgusting sounding but they are like little kids on Christmas morning. Bailey and Leah are horrified when they learn that the way Richard talked Greg back into this was to promise him a "doggie bag," as Mere puts it, but Richard insists that this is a part of Greg and he should have be able to have it. He then gives a nice little speech about how you shouldn't hide things of medical interest, but instead should share your knowledge because you might change the face of medicine.

Jackson absolutely loses his mind at Catherine, reminding her that while the marriage was sudden, the relationship is not a new one and she's just mad because she was left out. They start yelling at each other about how she butts in to everything in his life until April hollers at them to shut up. She tells Catherine that they obviously have lots to figure out but that they will do that, and that she will be happy to talk to Catherine about her beliefs sometime because she wants Catherine to know that she's not judging anyone else on their beliefs, either. Ultimately, she assures Catherine that they will figure it out, and she knows that they did something irresponsible and rash but they did it because they love each other. She then apologizes, and while Jackson quickly tells her she doesn't have to do that, April counters that she does because they did leave Catherine out and if their kids did that one day April would kill them. At this, Catherine rolls her eyes but in that way that says that some little part of this valid and she might be starting to melt just a teeny bit. April continues that they made a huge mess and hurt their previous significant others as well as Catherine and their families, and reiterates that they are sorry and she's going to spend however long it takes trying to make up for it. Jackson has regressed to an angry teenager and won't even look at his mom until April nudges him to go to her and say he's sorry. Catherine demands to know what he was thinking and Jackson very sweetly tells his mom how much he loves his wife. She finally breaks, and cries sadly that he could have had his grandma's cake topper. "It's Limoges!" Oh, how I love her. They make up, she gives him a light slap, and April looks on, happy that she managed to get them back together but clearly disturbed by the larger picture of the conversation.

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