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The Wedding Gift
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George has had his turn, as has Alex, so this week the voiceover duties go to Izzie. Although it's not voiceover, exactly, since she's actually saying these things to someone as she lies in bed, extremely pasty and extra sick-looking and with a pink patterned head scarf, she does set the theme of this week's episode. And who could she possibly be speaking to? Well that's just a surprise for now, unless of course you have ever watched TV before and can guess these "twists" and/or saw any promotional pictures or anything about this landmark 100th episode. "You never know the biggest day of your life is going to be the biggest. The days you think are going to be big ones, they're never as big as you make them out to be in your head.

In a slow-mo close-up we see Bailey's hand fluffing a wedding gown, and another of the woman fixing the strap. Izzie continues, wheezing a bit, "It's the regular days, the ones that start out normal -- those are the days that end up being the biggest. And today was the wedding. It was beautiful, perfect." After some shots of the beautifully decorated church and the guests standing up to see the bride (even though we don't get to see her) we cut to Meredith and Derek standing in the not-yet-decorated church by themselves. Meredith says it's just a normal day; they are going to work and then afterwards they just happen to be getting married in a, "churchy church..." her voice is now annoyed and Derek jumps in to remind her that this has nothing to do with them. "We're just the bride and groom." But Meredith then lightens up and smiles as she says, sounding genuinely pleased, "We're getting married tonight," which he repeats. 100 episodes in, Meredith seems to really have grown into a happy, optimistic person.

Callie is sleeping on a couch in the hospital when she's woken up by an incredibly peeved Cristina, who is upset to find her there since she herself slept in the on-call room instead of at home in her own bed. Her mood was not great to begin with given that she has to work a full day and then, "be happy Maid of Honor and get Meredith down the aisle." So, I guess while viewers can see the changes in Mere, those around her haven't quite gotten how real it is. Apparently Callie asked Cristina to stay away because she thought it was going to be The Night with Arizona, but she tells Cristina that they went to dinner but she then wasn't in the mood, and also she had to be in early to run the ER. Cristina asks, laboring to sound casual, if Hunt isn't in but Callie says that he is and then runs off. Mere then walks in and Cristina puts on her best cheerleader face and rah-rahs, "Big day! Biggest day of your life!" Mercifully, Mere tells her to stop because she's being creepy. Cristina is relieved, but then immediately suspicious that this is just the calm before the storm and asks if she is going to need to drug Mere, or "shave off [her] eyebrows to numb [her] into submission?" Meredith assures her best friend that she is fine, and that she's excited about the marriage, not the wedding. Today is actually the biggest day of Izzie's (possibly short) life. She reminds Cristina that Izzie is the one who has gone bridezilla and Cristina repeats, "Bridezillllaaaaaaaaa," in a hilarious horror-movie voice. It's a total throwaway moment, but it's awesome.

Bailey is examining Izzie but Iz barely seems to notice and just happily chatters away about the wedding: the bridesmaid dresses, the flowers, the amount of money extra she paid for them to decorate the church once Derek gave her his credit card... Alex is clearly not really listening and instead asks Bailey all about how she's doing -- she has been off the IL2 for 30 hours now. Izzie tells him she's fine, especially because it's wedding day, and Bailey has said she gets to go. She tries to high-five Alex, who kisses her and leaves, so Bailey instead gets to give her hand a slap; she then turns and rolls her eyes. Izzie admonishes her for only doing that because she has cancer and Bailey happily agrees -- see, everyone is in a good mood, everything is fine, Izzie's health is good! Of course, when she's alone things are a bit more somber, especially when she realizes she is starting to lose her hair. But things quickly get way, way worse when a voice no one ever wanted to hear again tells her, "You still look good." Denny, all in black, is standing at the foot of her bed like the Angel of Death, and Izzie tells him, unsmiling, that she knows what this means. He apologizes, and she just defiantly tells him she's still going to the wedding.

George asks Alex how Izzie's doing but when Alex says she's fine he starts to fret and ask questions and Alex quickly shuts him down, saying leave it to him. It looks like they have to work together again today and are both reporting to Callie in the pit, but when they ask her what she's got, she says it's slow. Of course ANYONE would realize this was a jinx, and they tell her so, but she remains cocky until the phone rings. She answers and her smug face quickly falls; before she can say anything George runs to get trauma gowns and then Callie starts hollering, "Incoming!"

Cristina is hanging out on the big walkway, like you do, when Hunt walks up to her. There's a terribly uncomfortable silence but both are kind of working their hands towards each other on the railing. She asks how things are going with his shrink and he tells her that he's better, but progress is slow. He pauses and sneaks his hand towards hers a little more, then admits (what those of us who had the aid of camera angles and side effects already knew) that the ceiling fan in her bedroom was what triggered the choking incident, as they were like the blades of a helicopter. What do you say to that? She finally gives a very small, "Oh," and he moves his hand a bit more until they are touching. The second they come in contact, however, she says they should probably get going, much to his disappointment. I guess this means we've graduated from three-word sentences?

The first of the ER patients is wheeled through the door with a bang -- he was the driver of an SUV that was crushed by a semi with a blown tire. His name is David, and he tells the docs that they are going to be late for graduation. A blonde girl, Becca, is brought in next and they call, terrified, to one another to see how everyone else is doing. Another guy is brought in, Jordan, and he's screaming about his girlfriend Dana. Apparently there were eight of them total in the SUV, on their way to their college graduation. Everyone is terrified and in shock -- including Callie, who yells for Hunt.

Thankfully he shows up and starts checking out some of the patients. First up is Becca, who is worried for David, especially as this is an even bigger day for him since he's the first person in his family to graduate college. You know what this means, right? Poooor David and what must be some internal injuries. Alex warns her that she's in shock, and while they work she keeps babbling, horrified to realize that she's never done anything else in her life except for school. "Today's the day my life is supposed to start, which is why... I'd really like to live, okay?" Hunt goes into the next room where Cristina is working on Jordan. In a panic he tells them that he turned around in his seat to where his girlfriend was sitting, but she was gone. Cristina tries to calm him and promises to look for her -- her name is Dana, and she's wearing a pink sweater. In the third room George is working on David and Hunt tells George he's got it. Lexie comes in with some blood and David asks about their friends Pete, who was wearing red shoes, and Michelle, who dyed her hair blue for graduation. Lexie promises to find them and after she leaves, David tells George that his whole family is coming, that today is for them... and then he codes.

Izzie has paged Derek, and when he walks in she asks him a lot of wedding questions -- did he get the check for the caterers? Cash tips for the waiters? Written his vows? He hasn't done the last one yet, so

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