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The Wedding Gift
she gives him a lecture about how important it is. He's not in the mood and reminds her he has patients, so she admits that she didn't page him about the wedding. She pauses, and he impatiently mentions a craniotomy he has to do. I'm kind of glad, actually, to see someone finally show some annoyance with her, no matter how mild, because cancer or not she's been spending the last couple of weeks completely disregarding anyone's wishes except her own and everyone has just taken it with a guilty smile. Izzie, though, actually has something important to tell him and admits that Denny is back. He immediately tells her he'll page Bailey and order an MRI -- all of which she knows already, being a doctor. Can I get a "hallelujah!" that she actually told someone, right away and in a straightforward manner, what is going on? It makes the unpleasant reappearance of Denny a bit more palatable.

Do you remember last week, when the Chief was warned about how he would page Meredith on personal business, and how inappropriate that was? Well, he does it again. It appears Mere must have really accepted his apology last week, though, because she doesn't immediately shut him down. (It takes her a couple of minutes this time.) He is there in Derek's place (he very carefully just says Derek was pulled into something rather than mentioning Izzie) to give her a wedding gift -- one from Derek, but which the Chief has to oversee. This sets her off -- although again, not about Richard's behavior but about how she had no idea she was supposed to get Derek a gift, and this is why weddings are so stupid: their life together should be their gift. As she is ranting about how she doesn't want it and is going to tell him to take it back, the Chief jumps in and announces that Derek got her a colon. She's understandably surprised and Richard explains, "It's nonrefundable, it's inflamed, it's about to go under anesthesia in OR 2." She starts to grin as she realizes that she's getting her first solo surgery and he tells her sincerely, "Happy wedding day, Meredith," as he writes her name on the surgery board.

Mark approaches Callie as she is yelling at someone on the phone. Proving that he is the master at not reading a situation and picking an appropriate time for things, he asks her if she thinks Mere and Derek are going to last. Rather than punching him a la Derek, she gives him a withering stare and reminds him that a semi crashed into a bunch of college kids on the day she decided to pick up an extra shift in the ER. She's got a lot of work for him and begs him to not leave her there, but he just walks off with a grin and a thumbs up, telling her she's handling this. Callie hangs up the phone and heads back to the nurses' station when she's accosted by Arizona, demanding to know what happened the night before. Callie tries to say she's too busy for this but Arizona's got tons on her plate too, and reminds Callie that they went to a four-star restaurant, which was supposed to be romantic, and Callie just ordered a salad, barely talked, and bolted afterward. Arizona asks if she did something and Callie brushes her off by saying she was tired, which is clearly crap and Arizona knows it. But Callie then just gets up and goes to yell at someone, leaving Arizona to wrinkle her brow in confusion.

George is pumping David's chest when Hunt comes back in the room and, after finding out he's been down for 20 minutes, orders George to stop and call it. George doesn't want to but Hunt tells him, quietly but firmly, "You can't save him. Move on to save the people you can." There are going to be more of these kids coming in and Hunt has to order George to get a move on, so a frustrated George turns and orders Lexie to call time of death, clearly not wanting to do it himself.

While Bailey helps Izzie get into the MRI machine, she tries to assure Izzie (and herself) that this could be anything, but Izzie is certain it's a tumor. When Bailey repeats that she doesn't know, Izzie tells her that Denny is standing right behind her and repeats that it's a tumor. Bailey is kind of freaked out as Izzie asks, "Right, Denny?" Denny, all serious in his role as the Grim Reaper says yes and adds, "It's good to see you, Dr. Bailey." Bailey of course can't see him, but when Izzie reports that he says hi, Bailey responds, "Tell Denny Duquette I say 'go home.'" She speaks for a nation -- nay, for the WORLD. Although to be fair, I have to say that now that his appearance has a purpose and is actually being dealt with (in a timely manner and without any ghost sex), it's not so bad. If only they had considered that earlier, before this character was completely ruined for me... Bailey sends Izzie into the machine as Izzie again repeats that it's a tumor, and Somber Denny watches.

While Alex works, Becca apologizes to him for crying so much, even though he's explained that it's from the shock and the morphine. She's devastated by David's death, and admits that she should have slept with him. But she was waiting until she was done with school to do life and relationships and knew that she'd fall in love with David before her schedule permitted, so she didn't. Golly gee, I wonder if maybe our main characters will learn a lesson about not waiting to do what you want to do in life? Wow, this is heavy-handed, though at the same time Becca is really likable so it's more palatable than it might have been from another character. Hunt comes in and Alex quietly reports all the bad stuff going on in Becca's innards, so Hunt tells her they are taking her to surgery soon. She just repeats that she should have slept with David when she had the chance.

Jordan is still desperately worried about Dana, and Cristina repeats that the paramedics have not brought her in yet. When she asks about his family he tells her they are in Argentina, and that he was supposed to fly home the next day since they didn't have enough money for him to stay. He and Dana knew that this was coming, and Jordan did all he could to break up with her and stay away so it would be easier but he couldn't do it. "When you love someone... love is love. It doesn't matter that you're not supposed to be together." Okay, that's a little anvilicious for me. Hunt walks in and the music starts so that we're even more aware of how meaningful Jordan's words are, and Jordan tries to tell himself that maybe Dana got out of the car in time and she's fine. Cristina's face falls, because common sense says that she probably didn't leap from the speeding vehicle to safety in a split-second.

George is dealing with another coding patient, trying to stop blood gushing out of a guy's torso. Lexie sees the kid's red shoes and realizes this is Pete, but George cuts in to have her hold the dressing while he tries to suck out the extra blood with a syringe. He's super calm and professional throughout, though underneath you can see a few hairline cracks forming. Pete flatlines and George goes to town with the compressions, vowing that he's not losing another patient.

Meredith is ready for surgery and surprised to see that the Chief is scrubbed in, rather than reading a magazine in the corner. He tells her that this is her big day, so he's just taking precautions; she knows that this means he's a little worried she might kill the patient on her wedding day. She assures him it will be fine and he claims to know that, telling her to pretend he's not even there. But he makes it difficult when she asks for the scalpel and he jumps in to tell her how great she sounded when she asked for it. Kooky music tells us that this is only going to keep happening throughout the surgery.

Mark feels positively shoehorned into this episode -- everything feels organic and then suddenly there he is, seemingly worried about Derek and Meredith's future. He is bugging Callie again and asks if it's good that Derek doesn't talk about the future or whether or not they will make it. Callie doesn't get a chance to answer because Arizona comes back to try and continue their conversation from earlier. She thinks Callie can't be that tired if she's wo

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