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The Wedding Gift
rking in the ER on her day off, so Callie counters that she rallied. Arizona challenges that she's lying, so Callie tells her she loves the ER and can't get enough of it. Sigh. Welcome to yet another plot that wouldn't even be a story if this GROWN WOMAN would just SAY what is wrong in the first place. Mark suggests this route, but Callie tells him to suck it.

George walks in to where Hunt is working on a girl with blue hair. He holds his head high and doesn't whine or cry, but does say that all of his patients are dying and Hunt needs to pull him. Hunt won't do it, saying that it's his decision, and instead sends George to meet another ambulance. George doesn't budge and pleads, "I'm in over my head." Hunt just orders him to walk away, and Lexie comes in at that moment to recognize and remind us that the one with the blue hair is Michelle.

Izzie, Bailey and Derek are looking at the scans from the MRI, and they are totally clean. Izzie's not satisfied, though, given the reappearance of her dead fiancée, and Derek has to admit he doesn't know why she's seeing him again. But Izzie points out how badly she wants to go to the perfect wedding that she planned, so why would she tell them about Denny if it wasn't true? The girl has a good point. She tells them that all this can mean is that there's something in the brain, causing Bailey to say oh-so-casually, "It's not like we can just map the brain for hallucinations the way we do with seizures..." But wait just a second there, you've got the world's most brilliant, gorgeous, fluffy-haired neurosurgeon sitting at the same table! Derek of course has an idea, given that hallucinations are neurons firing -- it's never been done before but if they can induce a hallucination they could maybe pick it up on an EKG and figure out where it is! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this simple solution has up until now gone undiscovered because Derek Freaking Shepherd hadn't yet taken the five seconds it just took to come up with it. He is THAT GOOD.

Not that good: A girl in a pink sweater is rushed into the ER on a gurney. It turns out she's been down for over 30 minutes, and the paramedics think she's gone and just need a doctor to call it. When the blanket covering her torso is pulled back, everyone gasps as it looks like she's almost been severed in half. Cristina walks out and realizes this is the pink sweater she's been looking for, so she tries to hustle them out of the room. But the paramedic stubbornly just tells them they need to call it, so George starts giving the time of death. As he does, Jordan sees this, cries out, collapses, and after writhing on the floor in sobs he begins to code.

It appears that running the ER mostly consists of yelling at people on the phone -- now Callie is yelling at someone that they can't accept any more traumas. She turns around to find the ever-present Arizona, who is now pretty ticked off. She yells at Callie that the ER is fun, but she is not? She then asks Callie if this is the end of them, adding that women are lining up for Arizona because she's hot and if Callie wants to end it, she should just say so. After she suggests maybe this is a fling that has run its course, Callie actually agrees that maybe it is over. This stuns Arizona, and she leaves.

Meredith is operating away but the Chief is being the Chief -- when she asks for a particular tool he hums a "no" under his breath but when challenged says that she is doing fine. Mark then comes in to again force this weird, extra storyline back in to the episode, though first he asks how it's going. Meredith tells him that she thinks it's fine but pointedly adds that he should ask the Chief, and Richard tries to act all innocent as he says that she did something one way that he might have done differently, but she made it work. She'll be out in plenty of time for the wedding. Mark answers that's good, then she won't have any excuses. He then digs an even bigger hole for himself, saying that this is the second time he's been Derek's best man, and he doesn't want to then do it a third time, "If you know what I mean." Meredith should get extra points for doing her first solo surgery surrounded by morons trying to lead her off-course. She replies, "So you came in here to threaten me." She keeps working away, though, and Mark just replies that he's the best man and that's his job. Both the guys then "Hmmmm" at another choice Meredith makes. And if you were wondering? That's that for Mark and this weird little storyline of his. I get that Meredith and Derek have had a lifetime worth of problems already, but it all seems to be moving along genuinely well, and it's everyone else that's making it worse. In fact, I could argue that they are even stronger than I thought given that all of this crap isn't making Meredith re-think the whole idea. But anyway, having made his useless cameos this hour, that's it until the Big Event.

Bailey is attaching little nodes to Izzie's head while Derek looks at a monitor, and Izzie just now needs to try and have a hallucination. She then asks Iz if the hallucination is always Denny, which we know it is. Bailey tells her this makes sense, since he is the man she loves, but Izzie interrupts her musing to say that while she will always love Denny and he means a lot, she thinks that he's here because she associates him with death and dying. The man who she loves now, who gives her a flutter in her chest, is Alex. Bailey smiles at this as if she didn't already know this piece of information -- you know, because they've been so secretive about their relationship -- and Izzie sits back to get the show on the road. She says it's time to find the tumor and get it out, "So that we can have our perfect wedding, a wedding not wasted on two people who don't appreciate weddings." What? What's that? I can't hear you on account of the ringing in my ears from the beating I just took with the Foreshadowing Stick. Derek points out that he can hear her, and Izzie knows, because she wanted him to hear it. He tells her that he'll stay until they find it, which freaks her out anew because she refuses to let him be late to the wedding. She then begins to beg Denny quietly to show up.

Becca has a number of different tubes running out of her arm as she lays in the OR, clearly terrified. She asks Alex how her friends are, insisting she can take it, then admitting she can't, but then she can. Rather than give her the news right before her surgery, Alex tells her to give her speech. She repeats that she can take it, but Alex tells her to give the speech -- she worked hard on it and should do it now. And thus our first guest semi-voiceover begins. "Today is the day my life begins. Today, I become a citizen of the world. Today, I become a grownup. Today I become accountable to someone other than myself and my parents." She goes on in this vein as we see David, some kid I don't think we met, Michelle and Pete all zipped into body bags. At the same time, Izzie waits and then begs for Denny, Meredith continues working and then staples her guy up, and Cristina shocks Jordan's chest. It all continues in this vein as Becca's voice asks what they are waiting for. "I don't know. For anything. For everything." The Chief congratulates Meredith on a job well done, while Cristina sighs over Jordan's dead body. Hunt tries to take her hand, but she walks away and so he gives time of death. VO: "To take on the responsibility and possibility. And I for one? Can't wait." And with that, Derek notices something on the screen and pinpoints right where something is wrong with Izzie's brain, and Denny morosely appears and says, "I'm here for you Izzie." Way to take your time, buddy. But Izzie is relieved, although also terribly sad.

Bailey and Derek then look at a second, more precise scan, and he points out a tiny pinprick of a spot. Bailey is stunned at how small it is, and Derek explains that it was so small a regular MRI couldn't pick it up. Bailey asks then, how is he going to go in and get it? His sad face tells her that he isn't. Tears form in his eyes as he tells Bailey he wishes

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