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The Wedding Gift
there was something he could do for her. "I like Stevens. She's one of the good ones." Yeah, that's a little heavy-handed since he's clearly found her annoying and doesn't like that she still lives with them, but whatever. It gives Bailey the opportunity to tell him, "I know something you can do."

Arizona finds Callie napping on a gurney and walks straight up and begins talking. Proving she hasn't been here long, she comes right out and says that she's hurt and angry. She thought they had something... mercifully, Callie stops her pretty quickly. She brings up the date and how they went to a fancy and very expensive restaurant, and as she talks about how expensive her measly salad was and how much the wine cost, and how freaked out she was to realize she was blowing her entire week's food budget on one dinner. She begins to cry as she admits her father disowned her, cleaned out her bank account, and now she's broke and exhausted, and working in the ER because she needs the money. Hang on a second, didn't Arizona already know this? I mean, I guess not, but they talked right after her dad left, so how did this not come up? And again, seriously, does she not get a paycheck from her job as a SURGEON? It doesn't seem like I'm supposed to be asking these questions, though, since the story is now "Callie has no money" and that's that. At any rate, Callie cries about the six people who died on her watch today, and how she wanted to just stay in the night before. Arizona finally cuts in and assures her that things are okay and that they can stay in and have sandwiches. Callie points out that she doesn't even like sandwiches, but Arizona very sweetly tells her, "But I like the girl who has the sandwiches." Aw. Callie conveniently remembers that she doesn't like sandwiches either, and so they agree to stay in and have pizza. Look at that folks -- if you talk about your problems, you can solve many of them very easily with simple honesty! It's a groundbreaking idea, but one I think could catch on.

Meredith is all finished and the Chief tells her that he's been reading Ellis' journals and wishes she was there with them. Meredith rightly points out that she's not sure how her mother would have felt about her marriage, but Richard actually means he wishes she was there for the solo surgery. To this, Meredith answers that she probably would have said that with all the mistakes she made, she's lucky the patient is alive. But Mere is smiling as she said this, and she clearly just knows what her mom was like versus internalizing all of it. They both chuckle and Richard agrees, but tells her that she also would have been thrilled even if she couldn't actually say it. Meredith grins and gives him a big thank you.

Derek then finds her in the locker room ready to go, and she excitedly tells him, "Best wedding present ever." She then asks if he knows why it's the best -- that's because she has to go home and get brided up in a corset and petticoat so that she looks like a wedding cake topper to walk down the aisle. "But it's okay, because I got to cut someone open today from start to finish! I saved a life!" He doesn't really answer and when she asks what's up, he asks her, "What do you say we make this day even better?"

George is watching as someone cleans up the bloody mess from the day when Hunt tells him good work. George questions that, since everyone is now dead, but Hunt reminds him that in fact one of them lived. George must be thinking about how similar this feels to his 007 start as an intern way back when. He answers that the one patient he didn't touch is fine, but Hunt jumps in to try and snap him out of funk by explaining that she lived because Hunt was able to get to her, and that's because George was on his team. He doesn't seem terribly comforted, and as he leaves Hunt calls after him that trauma is a team sport, where you don't have to be a hero, "You just have to go where you're needed."

Alex is sitting outside, and Mere walks up and joins him. She rubs his back as he asks if she heard about Izzie's new tumor. As he sniffles, he admits that he doesn't think they're going to be able to get this one, and he starts to cry as he concedes, "I think she's gonna die on me. I think she's really gonna die." Justin Chambers has been absolutely amazing the last few weeks -- it's kind of shown how underutilized he's been for much of the series, but I'm so glad we've gotten to see him be so awesome now. He then asks Mere what she's even doing there, since she's got a wedding to get ready for, but that's just what she came to talk to him about.

Lexie heads into Becca's room and introduces herself. As she works on Becca's central line she gets teary and when the patient tells the doctor not to cry she points out, "You're breathing." So at least there is one good result to come from the accident that day.

Bailey, rocking a coral patterned dress and dangly earrings, is holding a purple bridesmaid bouquet and looking anxiously out into the hallway while Izzie puts some makeup in a bag. Izzie tries to talk to her but Bailey is totally distracted, and Iz starts to freak a bit and asks if she can still go. Bailey assures her yes, and then breathes a sigh of relief that the person she was waiting for has arrived. Meredith, her hair in curlers bigger than the circumference of her arms, runs in with the wedding gown. Izzie freaks out, wondering why she's not at the church, and Meredith breathlessly tells Izzie, "I just came to say this isn't my dress." Izzie assures her it is and launches into a speech, kind of resigned, like she thought this might happen. She assures Meredith that Derek loves her and marriage is a good thing, and turns to Bailey for help. While Bailey agrees, she tells Izzie with a big smile, "She's saying it's not her wedding dress." Izzie is now totally confused when Alex runs in, looking dapper in a tux. He announces, "She's right. The dress isn't for Meredith." Meredith and Bailey could light up the entire hospital, they are beaming so much. Izzie starts to smile, and if you'll excuse me I just got a little bit of dust in my eyes here that I need to take care of. I am totally NOT CRYING, I swear.

Now we see some of the shots from the beginning of the hour again, of Izzie getting flowers in her hair, and someone fixing the strap on her dress. You see, this is a MAGIC wedding dress -- much like the traveling pants that fit four girls of completely different sizes and shapes, this dress tailored for Meredith happens to fit her taller, bustier friend like a glove. As she waits in a wheelchair with Cristina and Meredith (one of the bridesmaid dresses appears to be magic as well, since now Meredith is wearing it and it also fits her perfectly) Izzie is at a complete loss for words and finally tells Mere, thank you, with all the feeling in the world behind her words. Meredith then asks who the maid of honor is, and Izzie immediately picks Cristina. Cristina only has a moment to look smug, however, since it turns out Alex asked for Meredith to be his best "man." But when Cristina asks if she's just leftovers, Izzie tells her, "You tried to save my life. That makes you honorable." I only threw up a little at that line. Mostly it was very sweet, and Cristina's smile twitches just slightly between happy and sad for her friend.

The crowd then all turns to see the bride, and Alex smiles as Izzie starts to walk down the aisle. Her smile falters a bit as she walks, though, and she wobbles and then holds on to a pew. Just as quickly, George gets right up and takes her arm, helping her walk the rest of the way. Once they get up to the front, he hands Izzie off to Alex and they have a curt nod, if not of understanding, at least of acceptance. As the priest speaks about how everyone there helped shape the lives of these two, we see shots of all the usual players, happy for the couple. I just wonder what all of the other guests not from the hospital thought when a bride and groom they didn't know turned out to be the stars of the show. The church is beautiful, with twinkle lights in all of th

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