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What Have I Done To Deserve This?

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What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Previously on Grey's Anatomy, Mere took off Georgie Porgie's shirt and made all the little girls cry. During the previouslys, we also revisit Saddison talking about her ex-lovah McSteamy, and the Magical Heart Patient Denny who fell in love with Izzie before he even met her. That should bring us up to date enough for this episode, wherein I will spend 95% of the recap yelling at my TV, "SHUT UP AND GROW A PAIR ALREADY, GEORGE!"

We open on George, sitting on his bedroom floor in the dark. And, shockingly, it's his voice we hear in the voice-over instead of Meredith's. George's voice-over stutters just as much as George does in real life, so I'll sum it up for you in one simple phrase: George and Meredith fucked up and now regret their hasty decision to attempt sexual relations. Meredith is lying on top of her bed fully clothed as George says something about doing things that might make karma bite us in the ass.

McDreamy's Trailer of Tensely Doomed Marriages. Derek and Saddison are in bed, thankfully not screwing. The dog enters and scrambles all over them, obviously needing to go out. Derek mumbles at the dog that he's coming and he'll be right there and I'm sure that Doc the dog understands all this because he took an English-to-Canine language class back in Puppy Day School. Note to McDreamy: Dogs don't have bachelor's degrees; when they have to pee, and you don't take them out, THEY WILL DO IT ON YOUR SHOES. Saddison gets up and offers to take Doc out so that Derek can sleep. "Unless you wanna talk?" she asks. "Oh, god," rasps Derek. "Here it comes." Saddison blabbles that they can talk about anything he wants to talk about if he wants to talk about anything because she thinks they need to talk because he's not talking. Or something like that. "It's too early in the morning for me to interpret girl flip-out into normal conversation," he says in exasperation. Heh.

Addison thinks that Derek's lack of yelling is significant, because usually, he's a yeller and he's not yelling now, even though Mark was (or is -- it's never really established whether or not Mark dropped through a hole in the ground after the last episode) just in town. Addison wants some reaction from her husband, even if it's a bad one. Derek doesn't want to yell. Addison wants him to yell. Derek wants his wife to bugger off and take the dog for a walk. Addison wants her husband to acknowledge that she did a bad thing and forgive her for it. I want both of them to shut up, sign the damn divorce papers, and stop BOTHERING me with their stupid SHAM of a marriage.

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