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What Have I Done To Deserve This?

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What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Burke operates on Mark as George watches from above. Olivia enters and watches for a minute. George tells her that Mark's fiancé left him. "Sounds like he dodged a bullet," she says. George doesn't think Mark will see it that way. Olivia looks at him. "If she can't love him back the way he loves her…then she doesn't deserve him." George understands that Olivia's heard about him and Meredith. Olivia says she's sorry, and George says that he's sorry if he made her feel anything like what he's feeling right now. Olivia says that that's nice to hear.

House of Shame. George apparently stopped at the He-Man Emporium on the way home, because he's packing his suitcase and moving the hell out. Before he leaves, though, he revisits the Place Where It All Happened. Namely, Mere's room. We get a flashback to the Night of Bad Sex and oh holy Lord is it bad. Mere's lying on her back and George appears to be coming up for air from a long time spent…down below. "How was that?" he asks. Oh, don't ask that, George. If you have to ask, honey, IT WASN'T GOOD. Just…don't ask. Wait 'til we tell you what to do. Trust me on this. Mere says that whatever the hell he just did down there was just fine and he's all puppy-ish and kissing her neck and he says he could do it again and that he likes doing it and that he could do it until OH MY GOD MAKE IT STOP. If I wanted to experience awkward sex scenes, I'd call up my ex-boyfriend Ruprecht and tell him to bring a case of Guinness and a smile over to my place. Good god.

Mere gives this laugh that's a cross between hysterical crying and embarrassed giggles. George kind of collapses on top of her, all, Meredith! Oh, Meredith! How I doth pine for thee! And Meredith suddenly realizes what she's done and to whom and she starts to cry. He pulls back and she's crying more and he asks what's wrong and she says it's nothing and to just ignore her and he's like, dude, YOU'RE CRYING, I can't ignore you, and her crying gets even worse and she says it's okay, she's fine and he's almost done, right? THAT'S WHAT SHE SAYS. "You're almost done, right?" My whole sexual life I've never said anything along the lines of, "Are you almost done?" to a guy. I've thought it. Boy howdy, have I thought it. But I've never SAID it. George doesn't quite understand and he says that he's not finished, not yet, and Meredith breaks down more and says, "George…please." I took that to mean more of a "Please, George, understand what I'm going through here," and not a "Please, George, fuck off already." But I'm optimistic that way.

George tries to talk to her, saying her name a couple of times, but Meredith is inconsolable. Suddenly, his bruised ego can't take anymore, so he climbs off of her, saying, "Sleeping with me is really this awful for you?" Ouch. Meredith tries to explain to him that it's not him, but he's already run out. And I get it from both sides, you know? I do. I get that she's upset and that he should try to console her, but I also get that the woman he thinks he loves just dissed him in the sack WHILE HE WAS NAKED and that if that happened to me? I'd walk out too. I wouldn't whine about it as much as George does, but I'd walk out on a sobbing person who asked me if I was DONE yet. I mean, really.

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