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What Have I Done To Deserve This?

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What Have I Done To Deserve This?

George enters Meredith's room in the present and picks up his shirt. The shirt that Mere removed the night before. Aw. When he turns to leave, Mere's in the doorway. "There's a suitcase in the hall," she says. George just says he was getting his shirt and that he doesn't live there anymore. He goes to leave, but he stops in the doorway. "Why?" he asks. "I just want to know why you -- if you didn't want to…" "I didn't know I didn't want to," says Meredith. "You were there, and you were saying all these perfect things, and I was sad. And so I thought, maybe. Maybe I've just been overlooking what's been in front of me. And if I just give it a chance, because you're George and you're so great…I didn't know I didn't want to, until I knew I didn't want to." George is like, yeaaaaah. Great. Thanks for that. Buh-bye now. Mere wants to go back to the way things were, but George says they can't because he doesn't want to go back. "I'm done," he says. "We're done." THANK GOD.

George's voice-over says that karma will force us to face ourselves. Izzie is putting on lipstick in the locker room. Alex walks up behind her and asks if she's ready and Izzie's all, the huh? Alex says that he thought they had plans, but Izzie conveniently forgot them and asks for a rain check. Alex acts like this doesn't bother him at all and walks off. Burke goes to check on Mark and his heart, and Mark calls out for Amy. Burke says she's not here, but Mark is, and that's what counts. "She left?" says Mark. "She really left? Who does that? What kind of a person does that?" Sniff. George's voice-over says that, one way or another, our karma will always find us. Izzie shows up in Denny's room with a bag of goodies. She sets up a little picnic with wine glasses and juice, and Denny says that this isn't quite how he envisioned their perfect first date. "Are you kidding?" quips Izzie. "Do you know how hard I've had to work to get a cute guy in bed before?" Aw.

Lord. George is sitting outside the damn hospital with his suitcase. So…he packed his shit and just…left the House of Shame without calling anyone or possibly, I don't know, paging through the damn yellow pages for the name of a cheap motel? What a sad, sorry motherfucker. Really. Doctor Sara comes wandering up and asks if he's going on a trip. He says he sort of is. She pulls out a pen and writes her name on his hand and tells him to give her a call when he gets back in town. Hee. Burke walks out just then and sees George perched on the wall. They look at each other.

The next thing we see is Burke and Cristina in bed together and Cristina looks like she's taking a pumice stone to her flaky calves, but she's probably just putting lotion on them. "He's your friend," says Burke. "He needed our help." "Are his problems surgical?" snaps Cristina. "No," says Burke. "Then, technically, he doesn't need our help." Heh. Burke drops his book on the nightstand and rolls back over to her. "You're a good person," he says to her. "I am not," she snaps as she turns off the light. Hee. "Good night," says Burke, curling up next to her. "Ah haaaa," groans Cristina good-naturedly. "Good night." "Good night!" calls George from the sofa in the living room. Heh. George's voice-over says some more stuff about karma and how it evens the score.

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