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What Have I Done To Deserve This?

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What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Burke gently tells Mark that his x-rays show a large mass around his heart and Mark takes this news well, asking if "mass" is code for "tumor." Ann's immediately all up in Burke's business, saying that there's no way Mark can have a tumor because he's incredibly healthy. Burke ignores her and tells Mark he wants to do an angiogram as soon as possible, and Mark thinks this would be a fabulous idea. Everyone leaves and George corners Cristina, asking her if Meredith's said anything about anything to anyone. Cristina's like, no, and if you're not gonna spill, then to hell with you. George is like, well, good, because I didn't want to talk about it anyway! Cristina's like, want a bib with that pacifier? George is like, WAAAAAH. No, really. Coming down the hallway toward the Medicine Crüe is Addison, looking a bit twisted up and funky. She appears to be practicing her walk sample for entry into the Ministry of Silly Walks. The Medicine Crüe watches her curiously as she gimps away from them while tugging at her drawers.

We follow the Crüe to the next patient on rounds. It's a little boy and he's annoyingly cute and he has two dads and one dad is fine and calm and the other dad is a nervous nelly and no, I don't mean that in a derogatory sense, like, that's not meant as a gay bash or anything but really, while we're on the subject, Nervous Nelly dad is totally acting like a stereotype and Just Jack 2000 called and he wants his shtick back, okay? The little boy got hit in the head with a baseball and has been throwing up. Nervous Nelly Dad is, um, nervous, and indignant, and irritated at every baseball ever made, and Calm Dad is easy and humorous and he and the son gently make fun of the nervous dad for most of this scene. Derek asks Meredith what the possibilities are, and Mere rattles off a laundry list of potential dangers that aren't really sitting well with NND. I wasn't that fond of this storyline, as it really had nothing to do with anything else, so I think the less time spent on it the better, no?

Back with Crotchety Crotch Addison, she's barely holding it together. She enters Tucker's (Bailey's husband, remember?) room and asks how he's doing, and he's packing his bag, so it looks like he's going home. Bailey pops up, and Addison grimaces and makes a series of twitchy faces and then demands a consult. They pop off to an empty examination room somewhere and the next thing we see is Bailey, lifting a sheet above Addison's knees so she can look at her va-jay-jay. Bailey's response? "Oh no." What, is there a dragon's head down there? No, it's just poison oak. That's right. Addison has poison oak all over her privates. "Like I was saying," says George in voice-over, "payback's a bitch." And sometimes it gives you an itchy va-jay-jay.

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