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What Have I Done To Deserve This?

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What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Room of Boys with Head Trauma and the Annoying Fathers Who Love Them. Derek enters and Mere's dealing with HTB, who seems to be having some problem with a blood clot in his head. Alex says he has the cranial access kit ready and Nervous Nelly Dad is all, CRANIAL ACCESS KIT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE GOING TO TOUCH HIS BRAIN BECAUSE I CAN'T HAVE THAT AAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEE! Derek's like, uh, get 'em outta here, please. NND is all, I'm staying, dammit! And even though I think most doctors would tell NND that staying isn't an option, Derek just…lets the dads stay while he drills a hole into their son's skull. After he finishes the procedure, HTB wakes up and is fine and NND promptly vomits on the floor. Because that's…funny? Endearing? Stupid? I really don't know what the point of this Patient Lesson is. Honestly. If any of y'all know, please clue me in.

Room of Magical Heart Patients and the Doctors Who Love Them. Denny's heart is beating too fast; they have to slow it down. Alex and Izzie attend to Denny as Burke calls out orders. He wants them to try a synchronized defribrohooziewhatsit. Denny wakes up and sees Izzie there. They make cute at each other and Alex gets his jealous on. Burke tells Denny they're going to give his heart a series of shocks in order to regulate his heart, and Denny asks if Izzie will hold his hand. Alex jerkily asks if he can hold the paddles, because he's been fucking Izzie for a week now and he'll be DAMNED if any weak-ass heart patient is going to get in the way of that. Alex delivers the shocks, and finally Denny's heart regulates. He flirts a little more with Izzie, making her blush, and making Alex climb even higher up Jealous Mountain.

Meanwhile, Derek's tracked down Bailey and he's all up in her kitchen, demanding to know where Addison is. Wait a minute here. Yesterday he didn't want to see her, didn't want to talk to her, could give two shits about her, but today? Today he needs to know where she is? Dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Bailey says she's not telling him where Addison is, and Derek says she has to because he saved Tucker's life. Bailey says that Addison saved her baby's life, so bugger off. "So baby trumps husband?" asks Derek incredulously. "Mmm," says Bailey in terse agreement. "Baby trumps husband?" Derek repeats after her retreating back. Heh.

Meredith and George have a close call in a hallway, but Meredith just runs away. George retires to a lounge where he tries to get a cup of coffee out of a carafe but there's no coffee left and DAMMIT, WHY DOES EVERYTHING BAD HAVE TO HAPPEN TO HIIIIIIM? Ann Cusack's there, staring off into space. George greets her, and she kind of blandly says something about keeping receipts for your wedding in case something happens. George says that this isn't her fault. Ann says that you have plans and ideas and dreams and none of them involve all of them ending in the blink of an eye. She leaves and George looks sad. Again. Some more.

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