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A nurse urgently finds Alex to show him the test results on the pregnant lady. He's holding Marks coffee (bone-dry) and glumly says he's off the case and she should page Addison. They apparently did and since they can't get her, she shoves the paper at him. It seems bad, and he springs into action.

Derek sees Addison coming out of Meredith's room, and when he stops and asks her what's up, she tells him, with some defeat and an eye roll at herself, "Don't hurt her. Again." At that loaded moment, Alex walks up and asks, "Were you planning on killing a woman today?" He shows her the results. It looks like it could be too late for both her and the baby now, and Alex snidely congratulates her on her work. She orders an OR for a "crash c-section" immediately. Derek stares at Meredith through the window. I think her words might actually resonate more since she had to leave and they couldn't make it a conversation about the demise of their own relationship.

It's been a big day for Addison, with the revelations and the heart-to-heart with her husband's girlfriend and Bailey's tough love, but it knocks her mojo back in. She marches into the room and tells the woman that she's having a c-section and there are no questions, which finally shuts her up. And thank every deity you know for that one, I say.

Izzie is trying to convince Denny's father that they knew each other for months, but he cuts in, wondering about why she'd quit immediately upon his death. He mentions med school and the bills. At this point, when I first watched the episode, I did wonder if this was going down the Inheritance Road, but still never guessed exactly what might be coming. He asks how she was planning to pay her debt back -- "Did you think that Denny would pay for everything?" She's dumbfounded, and for the first time since the prom looks like she's having an emotion other than grief -- she looks angry. She asks what he's talking about, and he claims he's protecting his son. She's shaking as she demands to know where he was, then, when Denny was sick. "Because I was there. The whole time. I was there. I was working 80-hour weeks and I was still always there! He had so many surgeries. So many procedures. He was so scared. Where were you then? You may not get me, but you don't have to. Because I don't get you either. I don't get how a father abandons" (at this, she's out of her chair, with her bag, to leave) "his dying son." He finally tells her to wait and asks if that's what Denny told her. "He didn't tell you the truth."

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