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Addison and Karev are on gynie duty, in with a couple about to have a baby. She's dilating but the baby isn't descending, Alex is having none of the cutesy suggestions the husband has about trying to help the baby along. Addison has him explain how they proceed, which is to go normally unless the baby stops descending entirely and then they break in and perform a c-section. The wife rather haughtily is having none of it. She explains, somewhat more nicely, that they have a "natural birth plan" and that Addison promised them... Addison breaks in to explain she promised they'd do what they could... and giving that no mind, the mom-to-be continues that they were promised she would deliver the baby vaginally. She's really pumped up to have the experience. Alex has an eyebrow raised in disbelief. When he tries to say how safe a c-section is, bitchy wife assumes he means it's the safest way to avoid a lawsuit on their parts, and insists she's not doing it, "just because it's more convenient for you." It's like she's the opposite of a hypochondriac, but just as dumb and almost more dangerous, because she seems to have a disregard for the helpful side of modern medicine. I don't know about you, but when I give birth I'm quite fine if the word "natural" never comes in to play, but maybe that's just wimpy me.

The interns continue on rounds, and Bailey echoes everyone's question, asking Meredith if she's okay. Meredith unconvincingly says yes while clutching her stomach, and then sits down. Right then, in comes Derek who asks if she has any interest in a surgery. She stares at him, hugging her stomach. Addison walks in and stares at the two of them, then continues on to ask Bailey a question. Through the window, however, one Dr. McSteamy is shaking the Chief's hand, and she's left to her own dumbfounded gawking after muttering, "Oh my God." Everyone turns, stares, and echoes the sentiment, and when George asks, "Is that... " Cristina delightfully finishes, "McSteamy." I'm sure she mentally added a ROWR, as would anyone other than Seattle Grace's Most Uncomfortable But Definitely Not Only Love Triangle. Meredith's "Oh my God," however, is less about the hot surgeon and more about the vomit she deposits onto the floor. When they all turn, George notices something and yells out a warning... in time to see Mr. Salesman Sullivan lighting a cigarette, while still wearing the oxygen tubes. In case you ever wondered, people are actually highly flammable, and he goes up in a fireball and begins to muddle around, while all lit up. Everyone runs to action.

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