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They banter over Meredith's bed while she watches back and forth as if she's watching a tennis match. The kind of match where the players whip out their rackets and compare size, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. George comes in to prep her and stops short when she sees the guys, and Meredith gets even more dreamy. "Now all my boys are here! You're all so handsome. And such good kissers." George nearly vomits on himself, Derek looks incredibly amused, and Finn looks confused. He asks, "You two did it?" Derek: "You didn't know?" Given what we learn later about how much she tells Finn, it is actually surprising. She helps out the situation by explaining, "It wasn't a date so much as a disastrously uncomfortable," (George begins to hyperventilate) "sexual experience." George tries to flee but he's stopped by Bailey, who orders everyone out and George back in to do his job. Meredith announces happily that all of her boyfriends are there, and the two actual dates both let her know they'll be there when she comes out of surgery, and Bailey shuts the door. With all of that man-candy in the room, I'm not sure I'd even need painkillers.

Cristina searches the hospital and finds Burke in the morgue about to open up a cadaver. She, almost pleading, tells him he doesn't need to practice and that his hand is fine and he angrily snaps, "Right." She's suddenly aghast that he's mad at her, and he brushes it off, telling her to forget it. He tries to get her to leave, but she cuts him off and finally lays down the law that she's staying there with him. At that, he hands her the dreaded stopwatch and orders her to time him.

Izzie is telling Mr. Duquette about Denny's transplant, and the technical details of how the LVAD worked, when he impatiently interrupts to announce that she's not answering his question. When she tells him she's trying he bites, "I don't give a damn about the medicine. I know what killed my son!" Gee, I wonder if this is possibly a case of he and Izzie each interpreting his statement differently, with her imagining that he's accusing her of killing Denny. That would make some good television, right there. She's extremely nervous, but he doesn't let her stew long before explaining himself. He wants to know about their romance, not about his heart condition. "What I don't get is how you got him to propose to you, hours before he died." She's appalled.

The Doctors McHot are in with the Salesmans, and Derek recommends a night of observation before his surgery. They calmly start to fight in hushed tones, Mark wanting to not wait and risk infection, Derek wanting to be sure he's okay before having a "cosmetic" procedure. Mark, rightly, points out that this isn't just a face lift. I get Derek's point and understand his loathing of Mark, but he knows well enough this isn't just some light elective surgery. They begin to snark about putting aside personal bullshit, and Mr. Salesman is growing restless, his wife looking worried. She butts in on the oh-so-professional display of testosterone, telling them that she knows it's complicated, and she knows her husband is sorry for what he did. It turns out that trying to smoke was his way of keeping his word to Bailey that he wouldn't smoke when he got home. It's actually kind of sweet -- ridiculously dumb, but sweet. She makes a passionate plea for his face, because he's a salesman. Mark drops his head, while Derek appears to actually be listening. Clearly, one of them was listening about bedside manner while the other was checking out Addison and doodling her name in the margins of his notebook that day. Mark calls out Derek on judging what happened between he and Addison as worse than what happened between Derek and Meredith, and tells him he's fine being the bad guy but that the two of them are the same kind of guy. Derek just leaves, disgusted.

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