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Previously on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith basked in dating two men, McSteamy wore a towel and wore it well, Denny and Izzie were in love, Callie and George fought about moving in together, Denny died, Burke shook, and Meredith decided to flip a coin.

Meredith comes in to work, and naturally, voiceovers this week's theme. "At some point during surgical residency, most interns get a sense of who they are as doctors." George is also in the locker room as she says this, in a green and white striped polo shirt that makes him look approximately 8 years old. She continues, "And the kind of surgeons they're going to become." With the rubbing of his face, George clearly doesn't know anything like this. She lists some options, so that we can helpfully see bits of people like Callie and McDreamy at work, and she says that these distinctions also help define people. "Because, outside the operating room, not only do most surgeons have no idea who they are, they're afraid to find out." On cue, she guzzles some bright pink pepto straight from the bottle.

Burke cleaves a chicken, hands Cristina a stopwatch, and says, "Time me." But she's getting her jacket on and says, "I've BEEN timing you." He bitchily declares that his last time was off by six seconds, but she assures him it's about accuracy instead, and gets bowls out for breakfast. She also adds that his sutures are fine, and he asserts that they're "textbook." She tells him he's ready, but he mumbles about needing more chickens. Cristina won't have any of it. "No more chickens. It's bad enough that Meredith's dating a vet, I'm not dating a chicken surgeon." She informs him that he's second guessing himself, which isn't like him, and rushes on that he's fine and he'll be cleared for surgery. She's strict but also fakely perky, and this is just a painful case of two people not really talking to one another -- she not asking if he's okay, he not offering that he's not. She leaves and Burke looks at his tremor. He says her name but when she turns back to him, not unkindly but distracted, "yeah, baby... " he tells her it's nothing and looks at his shaky hand again.

Trying to make conversation as they all get ready for work, George comments that Izzie left the house that day, which must be a good thing. He finally notices Meredith swilling pink goo and asks if she's okay. She reports that dating two men is giving her an ulcer. Then Mer, you can just pass one over here, I'll gladly take either one off your hands because I am just that giving a person. (Though I strongly suspect I dwarf Finn, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.) Alex sends an insult George's way which George asks him to explain. "You threw [Callie] out on her ass," Alex helpfully clarifies. He's changing his clothes and in a black tank top, which normally I am strongly against, but wrapped around Alex's frame I might need to change my stance. George demands to know where he heard such filthy rumors, but it turns out they're straight from Torres's mouth. George glowers and Alex generously tells him, "Don't worry, I get it, she's hot but she's not for you." George demands to know why. "Because she's hot," smirks Alex. That, and the emotional manhandling. Poor spineless George.

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