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Down in the pit, Carter is back and he watches as two girls wearing Victorian dresses and kicky tiny hats are brought in, one of whom has an ice pack to her head after having a beer bottle thrown at her. Following them the paramedics wheel in a huge, belligerent drunk guy who seems to be the bottle-thrower. From what I can tell from his frenzied, drunk yelling, I believe he lives near the convention center and hates it when all of these slightly-crazy people show up and bother him every year. He keeps trying to get up but April yells at him to stay on the gurney, which only makes Carter's heart grow fonder. Alex sees him there and quickly realizes he's just there to see April, though he tries to make some lame excuses about how he is in pain. Alex offers to give him April's number so he can go away but Carter can't deal with that idea. Instead, he realizes that if he tells Alex he has chest pain, Alex has to admit him for observation. Ah yes, I learned that the hard way myself once. And this is when I went to the hospital with a collapsed lung, which is something I had had once before, and I told them that and asked them to start with a chest x-ray, but it turns out that the words "chest pain" are such hot-button words that they have to go through the whole EKG and whatnot of it all before they do anything else. Two hours later, a simple chest x-ray revealed, in fact, a collapsed lung. Lesson: caution is extremely important, but common sense can go a long way too. Back in Seattle: Alex glowers at Carter but underneath his glare seems to be s small bit of admiration for his quick thinking and nerve.

Derek, Mark and Jackson are looking at Keith's scans, which show that he reinjured himself and needs surgery right away. Unfortunately that doesn't give them a chance to sew his ear back on immediately, but Jackson has the bright idea to insert the ear into the guy's abdomen to keep it viable until they can go in and fix it. Mark actually thinks this is a good idea, and seems a little surprised to hear himself admit that, and Derek agrees. Owen then shows up, seemingly to answer a page from Derek.

They two men walk and talk while Owen shows off his new "mobile office" in the form of a tablet. I feel that there is a happy medium between an office the size of my living room and a tablet the size of a paperback, but whatever floats Owen's boat, I guess. Owen asks Derek if he has found a new resident and Derek admits he might have a candidate, then tells Owen that the new lumber came in and he's welcome to come work on the deck some more. Owen is there, as long as he can use the even-manlier-than-a-hammer power saw.

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