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Ben is working with Derek again, and admits he was not happy when he had a meeting in the ninth floor conference room and could only think about Bailey and her current lovah in there. They mock each other a while like men do and then to further stereotypes, Derek invite Ben to come over and take his frustrations out on the deck. Mark and Jackson, meanwhile, are preparing a nice little bed for Keith's ear in his abdomen. Mark tells Jackson to move so he can show him something and when Jackson pointedly replies that he showed him the move twice the week before, he just says that he'll do it again now. Jackson is visibly defeated and Derek takes notice and offers him the chance to do something fancy in his spine surgery. Jackson goes over to work and Mark complains, but Derek pointedly says that he figured Mark wouldn't mind since Jackson's hands were free. He then comes right out and asks Jackson if he's ever considered neuro.

Once they are done and scrubbing out, Jackson asks Mark if he might be able to actually do the procedure next time, but Mark just teases him that now that Derek let him do a procedure he thinks he can do things by himself. Well, that actually would make a whole lot of sense, but Jackson just replies that he wants to practice on something other than fruit. Mark insists that he still isn't ready and then leaves. Derek then comes in and when he asks if everything is okay, Jackson apologizes for possibly overstepping but asks if he can come over and hammer later. Because Derek already likes him, he considers this just a good example of initiative.

Out at the deck, Owen and Ben are doing some manly measuring of wood (no, I mean that literally) and complaining. Owen is offended that the legal team told him he has to apologize to McDrunkerson while Ben gripes that Bailey didn't want to be in a relationship but now she's in a relationship with someone else. Oh, Ben. Ask any woman -- that's a story as old as the hills. Owen just tries to saw his trouble away.

Jackson is hammering away his feelings, amused at how worked up everyone is getting. Derek tells him he should try the saw but Jackson thinks he's happy here. However, as he hammers he starts complaining about Mark even while he apologizes for overstepping. His hammering gets harder and harder as he gets more frustrated, and even Owen and Ben start to take notice over the sawing. He's upset that he gets home each night to find out his fourth year girlfriend performed more surgery than he did, while he has to spend the day just watching her ex work away. Owen realizes that Jackson needs some serious therapy, and walks over to hand him the saw.

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