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Alex responds to a page from Mark, who has been worked up into a frenzy, worrying about his still not-crying daughter. Alex is exhausted and informs Mark that she's not crying because he's a good dad, and she is happy. He then asks if he wants to see her cry, and then pulls her leg which predictably starts the waterworks. Mark seems too happily stunned to realize he's a good father to get mad at Alex and he just rocks and coos to Sofia as Alex leaves.

Ben is glaring at Bailey from across the way as she gazes seductively at Eli and runs her fingers along his hand. Derek comes up and Ben comments dryly that they look happy; Derek responds that he knows he'll be seeing Ben at the Deck of Testosterone and Heartbreak later that evening.

Carter looks quite well for someone who just had his insides kicked into mush and then had his abdomen opened up to fix said insides. He's berating himself for picking a fight with a giant but Alex actually gives him a huge compliment by reminding him that he is a Hobbit who found adventure and became a hero. He adds that he's not the only one who was impressed, and wheels Carter towards April. Then, before he walks away, Alex advises Carter just to say hello and let April do the rest. She bounds up, he says hello, and she thanks him and gushes about how brave he was. Carter, moved once again beyond rational thought, just says quietly, "I was a hobbit." She's not quite sure how one responds to that comment so politely tells him she's not familiar with hobbits and then thanks him and leaves. Alex can't believe Carter blew it and asks him what happened to just saying hi. He leaves too, and a smug girl's voice starts to mock April for not being familiar with hobbits even though they are in some of the best known books and movies of all time. A lovestruck Carter turns and sees the girl who was hit by a beer bottle, now also in a hospital gown and wheelchair like he is, and they both shyly say hello and smile over their shared love of hobbits.

It's time to replace Keith's ear, and Jackson has it out of his abdomen and prepped. As he sits down he screws up his courage and tells Mark that he might have to leave surgery early the next day so that he can take lead on Derek's surgery. Mark acts more like a jealous boyfriend than an offended boss, since he's more upset to realize that the two of them hung out the night before. Then, Jackson's day takes a very unexpected turn as Mark seems to see him in a new light and offers to let him take the lead and sew Keith's ear back on. Jackson is genuinely surprised and thankful; Mark can't help but add a warning to him not to screw it up. So it turns out that rather than being straightforward, making Mark jealous was the key to making him see how much Jackson meant to him. Men and women have a lot in common after all!

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