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And now, ladies and gays, it's time for Jackson's obligatory shirt removal for this episode. Mmmmmmmm.

Oh, excuse me, I'm sorry, something else actually happened in that scene. Alex is in the locker room complaining about how he now has to basically start his paper over and not only that, but he still has no neuro hours. Jackson seems a bit tired of the Alex Pity Party so after he puts another shirt back on (Boo!) he orders Alex to grab his coat.

They arrive at the deck accompanied by a chorus of hammering, and when Alex realizes where they are he starts complaining mightily, not least of which because he hates the woods. You and me both, my friend. Jackson walks up and tells Derek he hopes that Derek doesn't mind, but Derek seems to mind rather greatly if the way he throws down his saw. Alex, for once, does the mature thing: he walks up to Derek and announces that fifth year is kicking his butt, but that's also not an excuse and he's sorry because he never meant any disrespect. Then, realizing he left out the most important thing, he adds that he was lying about Mayfield. Derek grunts but is obviously amused -- maybe he thinks finding out that Alex told a roomful of people he had ED was suitable penance. He then hands him a hammer, which seems to be man-speak for, "You're forgiven."

As the guys all sweat away their woes, Mark walks up, awesomely holding little Sofia in one arm. It detracts a bit from the menace he's trying to convey as he yells at Derek that he's trying to steal Mark's guy. Mark then turns to Jackson and, like a controlling boyfriend, orders Jackson to go get in the car. Because there are no women around this hour for the episode to have a big, wrenching, couple's argument, Mark decides to fill the void and he and Derek start fighting over Jackson. Mark thinks that Derek was never interested until he saw how much Jackson meant to Mark (Sorry, Mark, Derek just saw that you were underutilizing him and took advantage of the situation) and says that he's been taking his time teaching Jackson because he's a quick learner who can sew an ear back on better than Mark himself could do at this point in his career. Jackson is taken aback to actually hear something sincere and positive come out of Mark's mouth. Mark then turns as if to leave and Derek starts to yell at him for it, but it turns out that Mark has to keep moving to keep Sofia happy. Realizing that the gravity of this conversation is being undermined by Mark bouncing up and down with a pink-clad sprite in one hand, Owen offers to take the baby. Derek is just confused by this whole insane spectacle, as Mark again tries to order Jackson to the car.

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