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Owen takes Sofia a ways away and sits and talks to her all sweetly, elated to have some time with a baby. It's actually a little bit heartbreaking because he so clearly would still love to have one of his own, but I give him credit for respecting who Cristina is (and always has been) when this would obviously be the cherry on top of the sundae that is his life.

Derek and Mark have very maturely just deteriorated into yelling at each other and finally Jackson cuts in and says that if he has to choose, he chooses plastics. He then thanks Derek sincerely for letting him take the lead in a surgery, which prompts Mark to do a quick about-face and give Jackson shit for using "[his] boy" Derek for surgery. By now, the others have all stopped staring and are just watching this bizarre scene unfold in front of them. They finally decide to just go get some beers and kick back. The All-Male-VO starts up to ask, what do people mean when they say to be a man?

At home, Richard opens the fridge and sees that the lunch he left for Adele, along with the note, is still where he left it. He takes it out and sadly calls out to her that dinner is ready as he unwraps it.

Owen is still playing with Sofia but seems to think that she might be tired; whatever it is, something is now a little off.

Jackson has joined Ben and Alex and the three of them sip on their beers and watch Derek and Mark talking. Ben's guess is that they are arguing over which one gets to take Jackson to the prom. Oh Ben, I love you. Now you go and get Bailey back for yourself because I love you a lot anyway, but I LOVE love you when compared to Eli. The voiceover throws out things that might describe "being a man," such as strength and sacrifice.

What they are actually talking about is that Mark isn't having sex, and Derek thinks that is why he's currently so interested in teaching. I still think he wasn't even interested in teaching until Derek wanted to poach Jackson, but no sex is a decent theory too. All of this seems really to just be a result of Mark's jealousy at Owen being named Chief, and despite Derek assuring him that he just had a baby and therefore wouldn't want to deal with a job like Chief of Surgery, Mark wants to know if his name came up in the discussion. Derek tells him that Richard never asked his opinion but when Mark asks if Derek would have suggested him, Derek just tells him that he just had a baby. I'm kind of surprised that Mark seems to take this without some wounded-ego comeback. After a few moments of manly contemplation, Derek laments that a few weeks ago he knew just how the next 10 years of his life looked, but now everything's gone to shit. Well, he lists it all out but we know, he's the saddest, most-done-wrong-by man in the history of wronged men ever and we don't need to go over it all again. He does admit, though, that some days he misses Meredith so much that he doesn't know if they'll make it. I'd feel sorry for him except for the fact that he is still with her entirely at his own insistence, but along with that insistence he's staying away from her almost all the time and not making any effort to be nice to her. If he really missed her, he might try actually making even the tiniest of efforts to repair the marriage rather than acting like his sticking around and hollering at her is doing them both a giant favor. Mark asks him, a bit inexplicably, if Derek has told Owen any of this. I guess Mark is also jealous of their friendship now? That came a little bit out of left field. But Derek didn't, so Mark's role as bestie is safe. Owen then comes up with a seriously worried look on his face, holding Sofia held out at arm's length because she needs a change. As he walks over he knocks over one of the beer bottles, and the three men watch as it starts to roll down the maybe-not-so-level deck. Mark teases Derek about his construction ineptitude and Derek actually admits that he has to call the contractor. He VOs that sometimes it takes a real man to set aside his ego, admit defeat, and start over. And so, my darlings, I leave you this week laughing so hard I can't breathe at the idea that Derek Shepherd could actually set aside his ego for any reason at all.

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