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The reason Owen gave up his office chair is that he seems to be actually giving up his entire office. A bunch of guys are in there carting away his stuff and he's sending furniture to different departments that need it. I would think that even if he was trying to break the mold of having a traditional office he'd want to keep some of this stuff as, like, a home base. But maybe that's just my organized female mind talking. Bailey comes to the door and at her raised eyebrow he starts stammering like a fool, desperately justifying what he is doing. Without Bailey saying a word he carries on an entire argument just by guessing what she is going to say: He's just getting rid of things he doesn't need, he knows people will think he's crazy, but he has decided that his office will be where he is. Bailey just stares at him and then, as if daring him to stop her, sees a lamp she likes, picks it up, and walks out.

The day after his surgery, Keith is awake but Derek warns him that his spine is still very fragile. Jackson comes into the room with the good news that his ear was found, and then Greg rounds the door and admitted that he went back and looked for it all night, only for it to be found in the lost and found, stuck to a helmet of some variety. That is only a testament to how weird some of those costumes can get, that no one saw a bloody ear stuck to it and thought it was unusual or noteworthy. At least, I'm going to hope it's that and not that someone saw the detached human ear and just decided to leave it there anyway. Although I suppose, given Keith's reaction, some of those people just aren't worried about ears; he's certainly not. All he cares about is the TARDIS. He then asks Greg, if he's going to insist on keeping the TARDIS himself, he can keep it in the living room so he can look at it. Greg starts to say something but the look on his face really says it all already, and Keith starts to legitimately freak out that Greg sold it. Like, "thrash around on the bed with his just-pieced-back-together spine" freak out. The doctors are hollering at him to stop and finally get him still, which is when they discover that he can no longer move his toes (again). Seriously, there's devoted, intense fandom but then there is walking. Choose mobility.

Look, I know many of you think Mark is gross, or a jerk, but for some reason I just find him delightful and now that he's a dad, even more so. Yes, I can hear my biological clock ticking quite well and I know y'all can too at this point. Let's just move on. He's holding a little tiny stuffed leopard that looks very much like one I had as a baby thirty-something years ago. He's fretting about the not crying and tells Alex that he stayed up all night making sure he was breathing. Alex points out that she might be exhausted from his keeping her up all night. Mark then freaks out when he looks at her CT scan but Alex assures him that in fact, it's a very normal healthy baby brain -- one that didn't need a scan at all. He then leaves to answer a page while Mark coos over her.

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