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All Boy Revue

We get some footage of gorgeous mountain scenery and then cut to the Surgical Scouts tramping across this suspension footbridge that is freaking beautiful. They love to go a-wandering. Val-deri, val-dera, val-dera-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Back at the hospital, Addison is eating breakfast at a table in the doctor's lounge while reading a magazine. She's wearing these awesome glasses. I think those glasses just turned me straight for two seconds. Although now that I think about it, maybe straight men don't lust after accessories. Callie is also in the lounge, eating cereal and looking at patient charts. And then McSteamy walks in. He makes eye contact with Callie and then makes eye contact with Addison. And then Addison and Callie make eye contact with each other. Although I'm not sure if anyone's making eye contact with Addison or if they're checking out her glasses.

Meredith, Cristina, and Izzie contemplate the surgical board. Meredith moans about McDreamy taking time and space while camping. Cristina thinks someone named "Preston" should not be going into the woods. Izzie thinks it's all just a glorified slumber party. Do you think George and Alex will do each other's nails? Or practice kissing? Mark walks up to them and asks if they've seen "what's-his-face." Izzie tells him that the name is "Alex Karev." Mark tells them, "The poor bastard seems to get a thrill out of tagging along after me." Mere tells him that Alex is camping, and Mark asks her, "Well, in that case, how'd you like to get a thrill tagging along after me?" Why didn't they take him camping? And drop him off a cliff? Meredith tells him that Bailey makes the assignments. (Except, apparently, when Cristina is assigning herself to all of Burke's surgeries.) Bailey approaches at that moment and tells Mere that she's happy to assign Meredith to work with Mark. Meredith leaves, and Bailey takes her spot in the line-up of female charm and beauty. Bailey tells Izzie to go to the conference room, as she is required to spend the day with a peer counselor. Izzie complains that she's now being required to see a peer counselor on top of the shrink already assigned by the hospital. Bailey just tells her to go and be counseled by her peer. Bailey points out to Cristina that there are some really exciting procedures on the board that day. Cristina excitedly asks which one she should start with.

Cut to an x-ray of someone's abdomen. There are all kinds of little boxes floating around in the abdomen. Oh, they're Monopoly pieces. The little boy whose x-ray it is tells them that he swallowed twenty-one Monopoly pieces (including the thimble, race car, and shoe). His mother is there and she tells us that the little boy (whose name is Eric) swallowed the pieces while fighting with his brother. Eric's brother wouldn't let him play, so Eric swallowed the pieces so that nobody could play. Bailey asks Cristina what she would recommend for treatment, and Cristina asks, "Is this even surgical?" But Bailey insists, so Cristina tells her that she would track and inventory all of the pieces via periodic x-rays, and "keep examining the stool." Bailey tells her that she's exactly right, and then tells her to enjoy herself. I'm sure she will.

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