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Out in the hall, Cristina runs after Bailey and asks if a nurse shouldn't really be going through Eric's crap. Bailey: "Are you too good to help that boy?" Cristina: "Yes." But then she sees Bailey's withering stare and changes her answer. But she did think that she would be more help if she could assist Bailey in a surgery. Bailey: "No surgeries for you." Bailey walks away, and Cristina follows after, telling her, "I don't understand." Bailey: "I don't understand why you erased my name from the O.R. board." Cristina tries to deny it. If Cristina were Gaius Baltar, Bailey would start torturing her right about now. (Bailey would make a kick-ass Cylon.) She doesn't, but she does tell Cristina to cut the shit. Or, you know, examine it. She also tells her that until she tells Bailey why she did it, she's not getting any surgeries.

In the elevator, Meredith is telling McSteamy that if they're going to have a "friendship thing, or whatever," there are rules. What the fuck? She has to work with him, because Bailey told her to -- but why would she want to be his friend? He calls her a member of the "dirty mistresses club," which totally deserves a major slap. Or punch. Or kick in the crotch. Oh hell, let's give him the trifecta. Meredith's rules are that he can't flirt with her, can't talk about Derek, and can't give her "the face." She's talking about "the McSteamy face," to which she claims to be immune. He tells her, "You know, if I'd gone camping I'd have taken you off to the woods to keep me warm." He smiles at her, and she accuses him of breaking all three rules. When is someone going to punch him?

Izzie enters the conference room, where she is greeted by our old friend, Sydney, the resident who took over for Bailey while she was out pregnant, and whose philosophy is "heal with love." Izzie is totally nonplussed. When she calls Sydney a "counselor," Sydney corrects her: "Peer counselor. We're equals." And then she hugs Izzie. When Cristina has her inevitable crash and burn, I really, really hope Sydney is her peer counselor. I will give anything to make that happen. During the very long hug, Sydney asks how Izzie is doing. Izzie claims she's fine, and Sydney tells her, "Now that is outside Izzie talking. How's inside Izzie?" And she lovingly places her hand on Izzie's chest. Izzie has no idea how to respond.

Meredith and Mark exit the elevator. He wants to know if she and Derek are together. He tells her, "Just answer the question and I'll stop asking it." And he makes that sound like some big concession, but don't most people stop asking a question once they've gotten an answer? Meredith tells him that she and Derek are taking space. He wants to know exactly what that means, and she tells him, "Derek and I...there's just a lot of water under the thing, or whatever." And then they enter a patient's room.

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