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Welcome back, my lovelies! That was a nice break, but my poor DVR was starting to feel useless and needed things to tape, so thank goodness we are back. Let's let Meredith give us the rundown on this week's episode. "We like to think we are rational beings. Humane." Christine is asleep in her scrubs, surrounded by food wrappers. "Conscientious." Izzie's asleep on a gurney in the hallway. "Civilized." Alex is asleep in the on-call room. Well, that is the most civilized we've seen so far. "Thoughtful." Meredith is shaking her foot, playing with her watch and looking generally like she might vomit. Pan back, and you see that she's actually in therapy, and her doctor is Amy Madigan. It's her third session, and she has yet to say anything. Dude, Meredith in therapy is the most character development we've seen in four years, I'll take her just sitting there for now. She tells Dr. Amy that she read a study that just going to therapy is beneficial, even if you don't say anything. Dr. Amy asks if she's going to solve her problems by just sitting, and Meredith quickly counters that she doesn't have problems. So Dr. Amy asks why she's there. RealMeredith thinks, while her VO concludes: "But when things fall apart, even just a little, it becomes clear. We're no better than animals."

Now, I say I love all animals, but the cockroach seriously tests that statement. George and Lexie have gotten an apartment, and it's a disgusting hole already inhabited by tons of the little buggers. Lexie's calm about it, but George runs around like a madman trying to kill them. He won't look on any bright side, and refers to the space as "The Crapartment." Lexie pleads with him, promising that they'll figure out a way to fix it up, and tells him that she likes it and she'd like it even more if he liked it too. Seriously, the place is a hole but consider that she just moved out of her alcoholic father's house, George. Emotionally, this place is like a suite at the Ritz for her.

Meredith's VO continues: "We have opposable thumbs." Mere finally admits that her little problem is that she hasn't been able to sleep for five weeks. Now there's a surgeon I want working on me, ladies and gentlemen. She won't tell Dr. Amy what happened five weeks ago so she finally puts down her clipboard and leans forward to delicately admit that since she works in the hospital, she knows all the gossip. Meredith of course says Derek isn't why she's there. Amy asks what it is, and Mere is saved by the pager. She takes off, saying she's in a contest. If it's a contest for who is the most emotionally stunted, that's going to be some stiff competition but I think she's got it.

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