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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Richard comes across Izzie doing paperwork in the empty clinic. For once, she's subdued and seems rather embarrassed, especially when she realizes he knows about the contest. He tells her he knows about the $150,000 (!!) worth of unnecessary tests she did on Cheech. She looks upset but then of course loses any sympathy by saying that she lost. She admits she also put a man through hell, but it doesn't seem to be her first worry -- wallowing is really the name of her game. Richard says he doesn't need to yell, then. She tells him that he can and he should, but that he doesn't need to, and he nods and turns to leave. He then turns back to say that he lost the contest by 2 points his resident year. He repeats that it's a lion fight and she should celebrate her wounds and be proud that she's a competitor. "Just because you didn't win doesn't mean you don't know how to roar." I don't get it. I don't get why she's still there, other than that maybe when you donate millions of dollars to create a free clinic maybe you get a pass on wasting $150K in a single afternoon. But she smiles and as he leaves, she straightens up and seems to think. Don't worry, I'm sure it's just a reflex and her mind remains as empty as it always is.

Meredith's VO begins to wrap things up. "There's a little animal in all of us. And maybe that's something to celebrate. Our animal instinct is what makes us seek comfort, warmth, a pack to run with." Cristina gets home and finds Callie and Hahn in her living room, laughing and having wine and snacks. She's immediately paralyzed and the brown-nosing instincts take over as she prattles on about what an honor it is to have Hahn there. Hahn can't contain herself and bursts out laughing, as does Callie. When Cristina takes a step forward she gets a look from both of them that says she's not invited to this party. Head down, she makes her way into her room, but she peeks back around the door to watch what she's missing and can't seem to find with her would-be mentor. "We may feel caged.

We may feel trapped. But still, as humans, we can find ways to feel free." George slams the door open into the apartment and is in such a snit that he doesn't notice for a moment that the apartment has been transformed into a colorful, inviting, oddball nook. Lexie is standing in the middle of the room staring at him, and before he can say anything she jumps in to speak. She says that she knows it's not much, it's stolen, and it's all hospital-like. But as she's saying that, there's a close-up on the little touches, like using various medical containers for different types of pasta, and it's really cute. She says that she knows she's a thief but that actually it's her nesting for him; she knows he hates it there and would rather be at the house with his friends, but that she doesn't have anyone else and she wants him to like it there. Probably the only person this speech wouldn't affect would be Izzie Stephens, but as George really is a good guy at heart he's struck by what a jerk he's been. He notes that he complains too much and he's going to stop immediately and focus on what's good. He even stops himself calling it the "crapartment." Meredith's disembodied voice narrates, "We are each other's keepers." George then says she should have stolen a TV, and she laments that she tried but they're all bolted to the wall.

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