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"We are the guardians of our own humanity." Maybe a little bit affected by her lack of humanity with the whole tumor situation, Meredith is sitting at a computer doing research. The Sparkle Pager starts to dance but she merely turns it off and continues what she's doing. The next morning, Derek and Rose arrive together and kiss, which she sees. As Derek walks towards her she VO's: "And even though there's a beast inside all of us..."

Derek says hello and she takes a breath and tells him she thinks she's figured out how to save the lives of people with tumors like Phillip's. She tells him that she researched a method untested in humans but that she could find patients for a clinical trial and would do the labwork and results. She admits she needs a neurosurgeon and that he's the best, adding that it isn't about them because there's no other neurosurgeon around to do it. Nothing like being someone's only choice! She pushes over the paperwork. VO: "What sets us apart from the animals is that we can think, feel, dream, and love." Derek looks back at Meredith as behind him, Rose looks up and sees him from across the hall, I guess to remind us that he's conflicted. He nods, and I can't quite read if he's resigned, proud, or a combination of the two.

"And against all odds, against all instinct..." Meredith is back on Dr. Amy's couch, still fidgeting. But she takes a deep breath and in a loud, non-whiny, normal adult voice announces, "Okay. I think I better start talking now." And her VO concludes, "We evolve." Oh praise to the heavens, let this really be the start of actual character evolution! Because this show might actually have some promise again if the characters go back to actually developing. Well, and if someone shuts Izzie in a closet for the rest of the season. But I'll take her if it means Meredith will actually start to grow after nearly four years of this series.

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