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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Derek and Rose come chattering along and she takes off while Derek joins Mark. Mark wants to know what he sees in her. (Okay, come on, folks. I'm not on the Rose train, but she's empirically really really good-looking and there's no way Mark wouldn't at least appreciate that.) Mark asks if she's just a wildcat in bed, in a few different ways, so while he babbles I need to comment on his facial hair, or rather his lack thereof. There's a teensy bit of shadow, but I'm not loving cleaner-shaven Mark -- some of the Hot is somehow missing without him being scruffier. That's just criminal, to take away the hot. Bring back the beard! It turns out they aren't sleeping together yet; Rose wants to wait until they're serious. Derek tries to convince Mark that the anticipation is better than sex, but he appears to not buy it.

The residents are all pulling on gowns when Alex runs in, demanding to know why they didn't wake him, and saying that would be the honorable thing to have done. Cristina tells him it's dog-eat-dog and to suck it. Seriously, there's no way Alex would have woken any of them. He's kind of the textbook example of being able to dish it out but can't take it. Callie and Hahn then come in all dressed up, drinking coffee, and giggling like schoolgirls. Cristina calls Callie over and can't believe that they're hanging out -- apparently they were out so late the night before that they didn't even go home and came straight in (Callie looking uber-hot in a black dress). Cristina can't believe they're hanging out and can't stop calling her "Dr. Hahn" while Callie continues to correct that it's "Erica" and confirms that they are indeed friends. She leaves and Cristina gripes that because of the contest she has been at the hospital while her roommate hangs out with Hahn, and that she should be doing that. Izzie, per usual, isn't really listening but is babbling about how she no longer needs men and sex because the "contest is her orgasm." Yeah, I will...never say that kind of thing.

Outside Alex has tallied up the points and Cristina is winning, while Izzie is 26 points behind. Through some taunting it sounds like she's only observing on procedures, which earns her very few points. Meredith points out that she needs to ask to participate. I like the idea that no one actually wants to let her do anything. An ambulance comes in with Cheech, who was found passed out with a swollen ankle. Cristina passes on him but Izzie takes it, hoping that this is another ankle that turns into a deadly medical mystery, since solving a medical mystery earns 80 points. Bailey comes out to bust the rest of them on trolling for cases, and starts to send them back inside. Fortunately for the contest and our viewing pleasure, a car zooms up and a woman inside is screaming for help. They open the doors and all three of the people inside are covered in various amounts of blood. The guy driving tells them to help his brother, who is in the backseat where the woman is pressing on his stomach with towels or something to stop the bleeding. Through all of the commotion it comes out that they were attacked by a bear. Cristina starts to help the guy in the backseat to a gurney, but as he gets out of the car, his intestines literally spill out into her hands. Clearly, the effects team was celebrating being back at work again.

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