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Lexie is casually lifting more supplies when Rose comes by with a giant bouquet and cute-runs into Derek. She's there to see them banter, Rose explaining that a patient gave her the flowers but that Derek can buy her chocolates -- he informs her she's going to die of a diabetic coma, blah blah blah. Rose sets the flowers down as he leaves and drops her head into her hands. Seeing Lexie, she asks if Lexie has seen him. She then starts to babble, like all good GA doctors, about how she's trying to play it cool but seemingly without being able to stop herself, she blurts out that she loves him. Do I even need to say that Meredith walked in just in time to hear it? I didn't think so. Rose gets embarrassed (and doesn't see Meredith) but still flees. Lexie grabs the flowers and runs right into Meredith, who asks about them. Lexie asks if she's asking as a sister or a resident. Surprisingly, Mere tells her as a sister, so Lexie admits she's stealing them for the apartment. Taking the slight opening she's been given, Lexie asks if she's okay. Naturally, Meredith visibly shuts down, says she's a resident again and tells Lexie to stop stealing from the hospital.

Cristina and Alex are doing sutures while Richard and some others monitor Scott's vitals. Cristina is counting out loud (she's on suture #22), much to Alex's annoyance. Bailey comes in and Richard gives her an update, adding that Alex is only at 17. Alex yells, "You're not helping!" Bailey, in her best, "Oh no he DID NOT" voice asks if he yelled at the Chief; Alex apologizes, but Bailey threatens to stop the competition now. Simultaneously, Cristina, Alex and Richard all yell at her not to. The Chief backtracks awkwardly and tries to convince Bailey that they're doing good work. He then mentions to Alex that he's getting his ass kicked, and Alex points out that Cristina needs to give an update. Cristina, in a refreshing short reversion back to her old self, says Hahn can wait a couple of minutes, which horrifies Bailey. Tail between her legs, Cristina runs off. Bailey tells Richard he told her to keep the animals under control but he replies, "From time to time, I like to go to the zoo!" Is this really that different from any day with these hooligans?

Cristina goes in and delivers a technical report not worth transcribing and, as if reading my mind, Hahn tells her that's good and she'll "look forward to another scintillating report in an hour." Cristina thanks her and leaves, but once outside sprints back up to her sutures.

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