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Here Come The Brides
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Even though they've been together a long time now, it's still a little bit weird for me to see Derek and Meredith eating dinner at home like two grown-ups, talking about their day. Fortunately, Alex is there to help add some drama, and as Derek talks excitedly about the trial Alex glares pointedly at Mere over his sandwich. I'm not going to lie, the sandwich detracts a little from the menace he's trying to convey. But Mere still looks awfully uncomfortable as she VOs about germs and all the other dangers that the body encounters all the time.

Across town, another, only marginally more comfortable dinner is taking place. Arizona and Callie's families are together for the first time, and Arizona's dad doesn't seem to be enjoying himself too much. When Mark goes to give a really nice toast, he gripes about the "sperm donor" being allowed at a family dinner and so Callie's dad (yay!) tries to break the ice by asking if he is ever called anything other than "Colonel." His answer is, "The Colonel." In print, it's tempting to make a friend chicken joke here but he seems so stern that the threat of a glare from this fictional character through my TV screen will keep me from making it. Callie realizes they forgot to say grace and so she has everyone stop eating a moment to do so; I fall in love with Arizona's mom when she teases her husband with, "Put the fork down, 'The Colonel.'" Sofia starts to cry and so Callie goes to get her while Mr. Torres shows how much he's making an effort by happily talking about a man on his flight who was on his way to, "A parade! For pride!" It's really sweet how excited he is, but I forget all about that when Callie walks in with the baby, who lets out a yawn and therefore with her masterful baby cuteness powers turns me and Arizona's mother both to jelly. Callie tries to hand the baby to her mom, who hasn't gotten a chance to hold her yet, but her mother makes a super lame excuse and Sofia's three parents exchange surprised but pointed looks. Mere finishes up her VO telling us that the body will detect an invader and attack.

The next morning, Alex gives a slide show presentation to introduce each of the young patients he brought over from Africa and their various maladies. As he puts up a picture of an adorable baby named Zola with spina bifida, Cristina and the other residents start griping yet again about how he's using adorable children to steal Chief Resident from the rest of them. Avery points out that they are even helping him do it by performing the surgeries, but how could they possibly say no? April says something in Swahili, which she has been learning in anticipation of the kids' arrival. As they all alternately gripe or brag, or both, Richard yells at them to shut up and implies that if they don't, Alex really does have this in the bag. Once Alex is done, the other doctors (minus his fellow residents) actually give him that which is the pinnacle of television recognition: the slow clap.

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