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Here Come The Brides

Their reception takes place that evening under a big tent in the park, and a giddy April takes pictures as the ladies have their first dance. Owen and Cristina are cuddling as they watch the happy couple and he asks her how it went with Teddy, but they are interrupted by Alex who says that his date couldn't make it because she got stuck delivering a baby... who got stuck during delivery. Har, har. I keep forgetting that the show is trying to make Lucy happen and I find I enjoy it much more without her. Avery and Lexie drift over and Avery brags about his mice and his new standing in the race for Chief Resident. Owen adds that April is also very much a contender. Alex, realizing he can't rest on his African laurels, then lifts the drink out of Owen's hand and points out that he's doing a surgery in the morning on one of the kids, and Alex wants to make sure Owen at his peak for that. He's just looking out for the kids, you know.

Cristina wanders off while all of the Chief Resident talk is going on and goes to sulk by herself at the bar. She's joined by the Chief, who is having a coffee and wants to know when they are going to cut the cake. Richard then starts musing about the great work the residents have all been doing as they compete for Chief Resident. After a moment he casually adds that he had always assumed she would be the frontrunner, but it just goes to show you can't count anyone out. While he acts like he's talking about the weather, I think he's actually trying to light a fire again under Cristina to get her to solve her shit and get back to work. He didn't become Chief of Surgery for nothing -- his method works and Cristina is murderous. After he leaves, Teddy walks up to get another drink and Cristina can't handle it anymore. She asks Teddy if she wants a real apology. Teddy, however, does not, and she tries to go back to her date.

Cristina's reputation as The Best has been threatened, though, and so she won't let it go and chases after Teddy. In this super-appropriate environment of a wedding reception, Cristina yells that she's sorry that she's so good that Teddy is threatened and that her procedure was the one saved Callie's life. She fights back tears as she talks about having been on the sidelines for the past three months, and I'd say that this "apology" is doing a way better job at ruining her chances for Chief Resident than her stretch on the sidelines has done. She finishes by assuring Teddy that she couldn't be more sincere than she is right now. Teddy's torn up by all of it but stands firm and tells Cristina that even with all this, she still doesn't understand.

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