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In Mr. Franklin's room, Cristina informs him that they've given him a local anesthetic, but that he might feel some pressure. She instructs Izzie to grab his skin, and then she plunges a needle into his stomach and makes sure to reach the peritoneal cavity. She pulls the plunger on the needle and there's blood in the fluid. Izzie's concerned. Cristina assures Franklin that she's done this procedure millions of times and there's nothing to worry about. They continue the procedure and hook the line up to a draining tube and everything seems to be going just fine. "Now all we have to do is wait," she says.

Derek and the Chief are looking at a nice cross-section of the Chief's brain on a screen. Derek points out something on the image and says that it's a tumor pressing against his optic nerve. It's operable, though, so that's good. Unfortunately, one of the risks of surgery is that the Chief could lose his sight. "Just what I need," grumps the Chief, "a syphilis outbreak and a tumor." Hey, add some flooding and locusts and you're halfway to the Passover Plagues, buddy! The Chief measures a look at Derek and says that now's his chance to prove how good he really is. Derek says he'll put a team together and the Chief wants only his people on the crew and he still wants to keep this all under wraps. "The vultures will be circling soon enough." "Aren't I one of the vultures?" Derek quips. "Why do you think I want to keep an eye on you?" says the Chief. They're going to do the surgery tonight.

Meredith stumbles in as the Chief leaves and mentions that Derek paged her. What, in the twenty seconds it took for the Chief to leave? Derek tells her that he needs her help on something for the Chief. "Can you keep a secret?" he asks. "Better than you think," she answers.

Back with Cristina and Izzie and the endless bags of goo. Cristina wonders aloud just how much fluid the human body can hold and Izzie shushes her. Izzie starts talking to Franklin, but he doesn't respond. She asks him if he's sleeping and he still doesn't respond. She feels at his neck for a pulse and there isn't one, even though his heart monitor is still beeping steadily. Not sure if that's a continuity error or if we're just supposed to fanwank that he isn't actually hooked up to a monitor. Whatever. Cristina hits the code blue button and she and Izzie attempt to revive the man as the resuscitation team pours into the room.

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