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Franklin apparently died during the break, because Cristina and Izzie are discussing why a man would just die like that, without warning. Izzie mentions the blood when the line first went in and worries that the death is their fault. Cristina says they performed a textbook procedure. They check in with Bailey and she gruffly informs them that she checked their chart and they did everything by the book. Izzie thinks they must have missed something, but Bailey assures her that Franklin's death wasn't their fault. Cristina asks when the autopsy is going to be performed and Bailey says there isn't going to be one because the mother and daughter don't want it. Cristina and Izzie are all, but an autopsy would tell us what really happened to him. Bailey's all, they don't want an autopsy. They're all, but we wanna know what was really wrong with him. Bailey's all, THEY DON'T WANT AN AUTOPSY. Now let it GO, you control freaks! She leaves and Cristina and Izzie look at the mother and daughter, sitting across the way.

Derek runs up to Bailey and Meredith and says, "How goes our special super secret silent sunset surgery?" Bailey looks over at Meredith with an expression of, who the fuck IS this guy and Derek goes, "I've been practicing that!" Hee. "You have too much time on your hands," snits Bailey. Double hee. She turns to Mere and tells her to tell the Chief that she'll be there, just let her know where and when. Aw. She loves the Chief! She passes Derek and makes a rude face at him, and he looks over at Meredith like, what's HER problem? They both giggle. Extremely cute moment between all of them, really. Mere asks if he's nervous, and he rattles off all the reasons why he should be nervous (possibly ending a man's career, his mentor's career, nonetheless) and just says, "Oh, no, I'm not nervous."

Uncomfortable with a conversation that's not revolving around her or her sad little love life, Meredith says, "So, just for the record... you'd tell me if I need to get tested, right?" Derek hisses, "You think I have syphilis?" Meredith doesn't think that, but they've never made any rules about monogamy or anything. I mean, hell, they've been screwing for weeks now and she just saw his home for the first time, like, a day ago! She yammers something at him about not blaming him if he was seeing other people and Derek stops in his tracks. "When would I have time to go out and get syphilis?" He's got a point. Meredith really needs to get with the program and remember what I told her about being Derek's extracurricular activity. He's either at the hospital or in her pants, so I'm thinking that if he does have syphilis, then he got it from HER.

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