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"Besides, we're practically a condom ad!" he smiles at her. "But no more glow-in-the-dark ones," she smiles back. Oh, ew. Does anyone really USE those? I mean, anyone NOT in a John Ritter movie? Derek suddenly declares that, um, maybe they should make some rules. Mere visibly glows at this declaration and agrees that they should. They're about two inches from making out in front of everyone, so they wisely move apart. And Derek makes another declaration. He likes the glow-in-the-dark condoms. Mere chortles at him, "I bet you do!" Hee. They are quite adorable when he's not treating her like crap and she's not acting like a doormat. As they separate, Derek's cell phone rings again and again, he looks at it and then deletes the call. Gee. Wonder who THAT could be?

Meanwhile, Bill's busy getting his ovary removed as Burke, Alex, and George look on. The gynecological surgeon doing the operation suddenly hesitates and makes a noise. Burke asks if there's a problem and the doctor asks if it's true that Bill's wife is pregnant. Burke says it is. The doctor tells him that Bill has a blind vas deferens. "Bill is sterile?" says Burke. "And always has been," says the doctor. "Then who got his wife pregnant?" asks George. Everyone kind of looks around and there's a pause. "Oh," says George, getting the picture. "Oh," says Burke. "Sucks to be Bill right now," says Alex, bringing it all into perspective.

After the surgery, Burke is walking ahead of Alex and George as they discuss Bill and how Burke's going to tell him his wife's pregnant with another man's baby. And they're doing this as if Burke isn't a foot in front of them and hearing every word. Alex thinks Burke isn't going to tell, because Burke is a man and men stick together and UGGGAH UGGGAH UGGGAH, because Alex is a fucking caveman. George thinks Burke is going to tell because he has to because all surgeons must be inherently truthful or they grow horns and a tail and speak in tongues, because George is a pussy. Burke finally has enough and turns and says, "I don't remember asking for your opinions, so keep them to yourselves." They both apologize and everyone continues walking. "You're such a gossip!" George says to Alex, smacking him on the shoulder. Heh.

Cristina and Izzie are trying to convince the Franklins to do an autopsy. Mrs. Franklin's on the fence, but Bitchy Alice puts the kibosh on it. "But don't you want to know for certain what killed him?" Cristina asks. "My father was a mean drunk who couldn't hold a job," says Bitchy Alice. "That's what killed him." Izzie tells them that an autopsy might give them closure, and again Mrs. Franklin's wavering in that direction because she says her husband's death was so sudden. Bitchy Alice is all, sudden? He's been killing himself for years! Enough already! No autopsy! Her mom seems to want to remember her husband as a good but flawed man, but there's no way Alice is letting him off that easy. She wants them to get out of this mess with whatever shred of dignity they have left. For the millionth time, NO AUTOPSY.

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