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The Chief's surgery seemed to go on without incident, because when we catch up to Derek in the OR, he's already closed up the man's scalp with staples and he's saying that they're all done here. He commends everyone on jobs well done and leaves. Meredith and Bailey remain behind to wrap up. Mere wonders if the Chief's optic nerve will be damaged, and Bailey says that, if it is, when he wakes up, he'll be blind forever. She then tells Meredith to page Cristina and Izzie; she wants them to cover Mere's patients so she can stay and monitor the chief. Mere tries to cover for the girls, saying that they're swamped, but Bailey's like, with what? They don't really DO anything around here, so how can they be swamped? Mere says they had to check on some labs and Bailey removes her mask. "Oh, you are LYING. I know you're lying. You know how I know? 'Cause you a bad liar! I hate a bad liar jus--" Suddenly, she stops and looks down at the Chief's body. She knows exactly where Cristina and Izzie are. Nice job, Meredith. You can keep your sick mother a secret from even your closest friends, but an illegal autopsy's too much for you? You need to brush up on your lying skills, girl.

Speaking of lying, Burke's confronting Bill's wife with the truth. "Your whole relationship is a lie!" Bill's wife justifies her actions by saying that they're happy and they've wanted a child for a long time. "Why do you want to take this away from him?" Burke wants to know if Bill knows she's been cheating on him and says that he has a right to know that the baby she's carrying isn't his. She begs him to let this go. He tells her to tell Bill the truth. She says she's not going to ruin her life just because Burke thinks what she's done is wrong. "Your life?" he hisses at her. "What about Bill's life? What about this child's life?" "What Bill doesn't know won't hurt him," she says. Spoken like a woman who's been cheating on her husband and is pregnant by another man. Burke just steps back and gives her a withering look. "Fine. Maybe his friend won't tell him the truth, but I'm also his doctor, and his doctor is not going to lie to him." Awwww, yeah, Pres!

Mere's outside the Chief's recovery room, talking to that lady from her mother's home again. She's apologizing for not being able to be there at the function, but something came up. Ms. Henry says she's just sorry that she couldn't be there for her mother. "Ms. Henry," says Meredith, obviously sick of this woman, "if my mother were lucid, she would understand. She's a surgeon. She's done this countless times. And, besides, she doesn't even know who I am, anyway, so... " "Today she did," says Ms Henry, dropping a poo bomb all over Meredith's nice shiny hair. "What?" says Meredith, stunned. "Your mother's been asking when her daughter Meredith gets off from work." Meredith is at a loss. Derek walks up and gently gooses her. She flinches and hangs up on Ms. Henry without saying goodbye. Derek looks at her phone and says, "Lot of secret phone calls today." Please tell me you're including YOUR OWN secret phone calls in that "lot", you asshole. Meredith seems to consider how much she should tell him. "Yeah, it's my mother," she says. "She isn't traveling. She isn't writing a book. She isn't anything. I've been lying to everyone." Derek looks at her in surprise and asks her why. Meredith takes a deep breath. "She has Alzheimer's." Derek asks how advanced it is, and Meredith says that it's pretty far gone. "She's in a home, and I'm the only one who even knows she's sick. I just don't know what to do anymore, you know?" Derek looks at her with an expression of sweet concern. He touches the side of her face and brushes back her hair and we switch to the Chief's point of view, seeing this little act of affection from his hospital bed. Guess he's not blind, huh?

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