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Back with the Scissor Sisters and the Illegal Autopsy of Possibly Alcoholic Patients, Izzie and Cristina are still digging around in Franklin's body cavity when Bailey enters. "Don't EVEN tell me you're doing what I think you're doing!" Well, if you think they're performing an illegal autopsy, then you're right. If, however, you think they're making a delicious trifle with lady fingers and amaretto and fresh, juicy berries, and whipped cream with just a hint of sugar, then you're wrong. Izzie's all, ummmm. Cristina's all, ummmm. Bailey's all, WHERE'S MY TRIFLE? Also, not only did you go against the family's wishes, you broke the law! You could be arrested for assault!

"Do you like jail?" she hollers at them. "The hospital could be sued! I could lose my license, my job! I like my job! Did you think about any of this before you started cutting open a poor man's body?" Before either of the girls can answer, Bailey practically throws herself over the table. "I could seriously kick both your asses right now!" Hee. I love when she goes on a rant. "Well? Do you have anything to say?" Izzie just reaches over and grabs a hunk of meat out of the scale. "Look at his heart," she says, holding the heart up high. "It's HUUUUGE!" says Bailey. Izzie says it weighs over 600 grams and there's some sort of grainy material in it. They want to run some tests. Bailey's all, OH NOW YOU WANT TO RUN SOME TESTS? Cristina thinks that, at this point, it couldn't hurt. "Ohhhhh," says Bailey, licking her lips in fury, "I hate both of you right now." Tee hee hee.

Meredith goes to check on the Chief. "Meredith?" he says in a low voice. "He's an attending. You're an intern." "You saw us?" she squeaks. "You can see!" She ignores the fact that he just caught her in a romantic moment with her inappropriate boyfriend and steps over to check out his eyes. "I'm going to tell you what your mother would say if she were here," says the Chief. "You're making a mistake. A big one." Meredith says she's not making a mistake.

Bailey, Cristina and Izzie are giving the news to Bitchy Alice and her mother. Bitchy Alice is royally pissed that they went ahead and did an autopsy anyway. "We're gonna get an attorney," she snits. "We know what killed him," offers Cristina. "He had a blood condition known as hemochromatosis. The disease causes an excess amount of iron to build up in the body and that's what caused the heart failure. Not the paracentesis." Bitchy Alice is confused. She thought her father was always sick because of the drinking. "And you never let him forget it," says her mother. "Or me." Izzie pipes up that the disease is genetic, so there's a chance that Alice could have it. A simple blood test would clear up the question. If she has it, they may have caught it in time to treat it before it becomes critical. "Dr. Stevens and Dr. Yang may have saved your life," says Bailey with a glare in their direction. "If you could just... sign this consent form for the autopsy... " Bailey slides over the form and Mrs. Franklin immediately signs it. Izzie and Cristina share a little smile.

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