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In Meredith's room, Derek rolls over in bed as Mere's phone rings. It's Ms. Henry from the nursing home and she seems to want to talk to Mere about something important, but Mere just says she has to go and hangs up. Derek wakes up and asks who was on the phone and Mere tells him it was a wrong number. George exits the bathroom (with his clothes on, THANK GOD) and Izzie giggles at him that it's normal to masturbate in the morning with your roommate hovering around outside the door. George again insists that he wasn't doing anything and that he doesn't need to because he has a girlfriend. Please. My ex Ruprecht and I would have sex practically every morning and he'd STILL find time in the day to beat off at least once, if not twice. Having a girlfriend means nothing to the masturbation monster that is man.

Izzie teases George that he has an imaginary girlfriend, but George insists she's real. And she lives in Niagara Falls. Izzie continues to mercilessly tease George until Meredith opens her door and enters the hell that is George's morning. She asks what's going on and they both say "nothing." George then limps off to his room and Izzie tells Meredith that he's freaked out because she caught him playing with "Little Jimmy and the twins." God. Does she call EVERY man's equipment that? Because that's really sad. George AGAIN says he has a girlfriend and finally makes it to the sanctuary of his room and slams the door. McDreamy comes out of Mere's room and buttons up his shirt as his cell phone rings. He looks at the call and then doesn't answer it. Mere's all, aren't you gonna get that? Could be the hospital. "It's not," says McDreamy cagily. "Breakfast?" Yes. I'd like a side of hash browns with my plate of Eggs McSmug, please. Mere's VO says, "That's the problem with secrets: like misery, they looooove company."

Later that morning at the hospital, Cristina's in some hallway giving the abortion clinic people what for over the phone. She doesn't want to come in for a damn counseling session, and she knows all her options, and she's made her decision and she'll be there on the sixteenth. Click. Mere's VO says that secrets pile up so much that they take over everything. Burke saunters up and says that he paged her last night but she didn't respond. Cristina acidly responds that she wasn't on call. Burke looks bemused. "That's not why I paged you. You... could give me your home number... " Cristina gives him this look of barely repressed sympathy and sadness. "Um, Burke... uh, I gotta go... " She walks off, leaving a confused Burke in her wake.

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