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Elsewhere, the Chief is rubbing his temple as he looks at someone's chart. He has to keep moving the chart up and down, so it's obvious there's something wrong with his eyes. Mere's VO finishes up, saying that finally, you're so full of secrets you feel like you're going to burst. The Chief passes George and the redheaded nurse as they talk about the good time they had last night, what with the exchange of the genital warts and everything. George asks if she's feeling okay and she says she's fine, now that she's gotten the chance to see him. Not really the answer he was looking for, but he'll take it. She asks how he is and he says he's fine... if a little itchy. Izzie "Buttinsky" Stevens interrupts them and says hi to them both, addressing George's girlfriend as "Olivia". Great. Now I can't refer to her as Nurse Itchy Crotch like I'd planned. Stupid Izzie.

Izzie congratulates George on his cute new girlfriend and realizes this means that this morning, he wasn't necessarily pulling his pudding in the bathroom. "Anytime you want to apologize... " he says. "Then, what were you doing in the bathroom for so long?" she asks. OH MY GOD, IZZIE. So, what? If he's not whacking off, he's planning a serial murder or something? What the fuck ELSE would he be doing in the bathroom? Christ on a Christmas Cruise at Sea! "I have to go," says George, walking off in shame.

Medicine Crüe Locker Room. George sneaks in and spies Alex trimming his nose hairs over in the corner. Ew. "I know I'm pretty to look at and all, George, but back up." Heh. George spills his guts about the "skin thing" he has going on. He thinks he knows what it is, but he can't get close enough to tell for sure. "Let's see it," says Alex, turning around. "It's kind of located in an, um, you know, private... " stammers George. "You're a doctor, George," snits Alex. "It's called a penis. You have a rash on your penis?" Hee. George nods. He seems to think twice about showing Alex his cash and prizes, but Alex just rolls his eyes and orders him to show him his "junk" so they can get this over with. George checks around and finally pulls the front of his pants down so Alex can take a look. Alex spends about three hours in front of George's nuts and bolts and finally comes up for air. "Dude, you've got syphilis." Oh, ewwwww. I've never had syphilis (surprising, considering some of my ex-boyfriends), but I tell you what, if you want to get yourself scared straight into a condom, and possibly a dental dam, and possibly full body armor before the next time you have sex, just... type "syphilis" into Google image search and see what you come up with. I will never. Have sex. AGAIN.

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