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"Nobody knows... " what kind of doctor would be allowed in the OR with Vamp nail polish and no surgical gloves.

After the credits, Alex, George, and Burke are attending to a man who presented with abdominal pain and blood in his urine. His pregnant wife oversees the situation as Burke seems to be checking out the man's bladder with a scope or something. The man on the table thanks Burke for handling this personally, knowing that urology is a little out of his field. Apparently, the man on the table and Burke were in the same frat at Tulane. Damn, Burke went to school in New Orleans? I KNEW there was a reason I liked him! "I could tell some stories... " says the man on the table. "Bill, you have a camera snaking up your mojo!" says Burke. "It's not the time to cross me." Heh. The wife asks if the situation is serious and Burke assures her that the test they're performing will tell them whether it is or not and that all she should worry about is growing his godson inside her belly. Burke sees something on the monitor and orders George to take a biopsy of the mass and tells Alex to schedule a CT scan. He tells his friends not to worry until they have to.

In another OR, Meredith and Bailey are assisting the Chief as Derek watches from the peanut gallery. They're working on a colon. The Chief goes to tie off his stitches, but he falters. He keeps clearing his throat, as if that'll help him tie the knot, but it doesn't. Something's definitely wrong with the man. Down in the Pit, Cristina and Izzie are checking out a man with a distended abdomen. His wife comments that she knew something was wrong with her husband when he started getting fat so fast. His daughter comments bitterly from her perch by the door that everybody told her dad something was wrong, but he wouldn't listen. Cristina says they have to admit her father for some tests and the daughter's all sarcastic and wanting to know how much it's going to cost "this time" and her mother steps in and meekly tries to get her to shut up.

Meanwhile, George is racing to the lab to get the results of his blood test. He takes one look at the results and sighs when he realizes that they confirm that he has one hefty case of crotch rot. Izzie blows in and drops something off at the lab and then shoves her way into George's personal hell again. She RIPS the lab results out of his hand and reads them aloud. "Syphilis? That's not surgical. Who has syphilis?" God, she bugs the hell out of me in Season One. They're all a little annoying in Season One, which is the nature of characters you're just getting to know, but she is, by far, the one who bugs me the most. George grabs her and pulls her into an office and, Izzie practically shouts, "YOU HAVE SYPHILIS?" George shushes her and shuts the blinds and the door and tells Izzie that he doesn't know how this happened. "Of course you do," says Izzie. "Wow, Olivia must really be getting around." "She's not like that!" says George. "It's the new millennium, George," says Izzie. "The only people that aren't like that are the Amish. And, apparently, you." Hee. "Maybe I been sleeping around," says George. "Maybe I got ladies." HAHAHAHA. Izzie smirks at him. "Shut up!" says George.

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