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He wonders what he's going to do and Izzie just tells him to knock it out with some penicillin, like everyone else does. But what is he going to do about Olivia? Izzie's all, well, not screwing her anymore might be a good idea. She then tells George that if Olivia gave it to him, he has to tell her. George hisses at Izzie that she has now trash-talked the woman he could... potentially like a whole lot THREE times. "Fine!" says Izzie. "She didn't give it to you! She was a virgin when you met." He still has to tell her so Olivia can get tested. "Oh, yeah?" says George. "How? How am I gonna tell her? 'Hey, Olivia! How you doing? By the way, I got the syph. How 'bout you?'" Hee. Izzie just laughs at him and George leaves, potentially to go soak his John Thomas in bleach.

Back with the Chief and his Surgery of Ineptitude, a nurse hands him a retractor, only to have him drop it on the floor. The nurse apologizes, but the Chief says it wasn't her fault. He steps back and tells Bailey to finish the surgery. Bailey's all, uh, t-t-thank you, C-C-Chief! I appreciate the--hey! Where ya goin'? The Chief removes his gloves and leaves the room. Mere shoots Dere a look and he returns it with a concerned look of his own.

Later, after the bleach-soaking, George and Alex are sending Bill through his CT scan as Alex expresses surprise that George actually even HAS sex. He wants to know who gave George cooties on the playground, but George isn't spilling. He asks if Alex has ever had something like this before and Alex says he never talks about his penis with other men. The CT technician looks over at George with his eyebrow raised and George is all, uh, I don't... either... normally. Kill me. Just then, George notices something on the scan and says that they'd better get Burke. They run out.

Izzie and Cristina enter the room of the man with the distended abdomen. His name is Franklin. They tell him that he has ascites, better known as fluid in the peritoneal cavity. The swelling is pressing against his lungs, which is why he's having trouble breathing. Cristina says it looks like a symptom of liver disease. "And it allll comes together," says the bitchy daughter from the corner of the room. Cristina asks if there's something they should know and the daughter shoots her father a look. "I drink a bit," he says. "That's the understatement of the year," she snaps. Her father tries to reprimand her, but she just says she's here for her mother, to make sure he doesn't pull any of his usual crap. Cristina and Izzie share a glance of, "What the hell is going on with this family, anyway?"

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