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Alex informs Burke that there's a growth protruding into Bill's bladder. Burke doesn't think it's a tumor, though. "Kinda looks like an ovary," quips Alex. "That the flip answer you gonna give your patient, Dr. Karev?" snaps Burke. "This is one of my oldest friends, you might just want to take this seriously." Alex apologizes as George enters with the lab results. "You won't believe this," says George as he hands the results to Burke. He pages through them and looks up in surprise. "Bill has an ovary?" Bill smiles at Burke from his seat behind the soundproof glass and Burke fakes a smile back in his direction.

Izzie and Cristina tell Bailey about Mr. Franklin and how his daughter told them he's a heavy drinker. Bailey asks what the protocol is and they respond that they'll schedule a procedure to drain the fluid to relieve the pressure on his lungs. Bailey tells them to do the procedure themselves and they both practically drool all over the floor.

George and Alex troop down the stairs as they chat about Bill and his ovary. Olivia enters and passes between them and says hi to George but not to Alex. He notices, of course, because he is the center of the damn universe. "What am I, invisible?" Olivia just offers up a terse, "Alex." George tells Alex to go on ahead and he'll catch up with him later. Alex leaves and Olivia launches herself at George's face. He enjoys it for a bit but then finally pulls back from her and starts to stammer that he has to tell her something. She's all, what? Are you breaking up with me? He's all, no. NO NO NO. And then he dives headfirst into the deepest damn mess of a speech I've ever heard. He says he hasn't been with anyone else in a long time, but it's okay if she's been with someone, even if he hasn't, then he practically calls her a prostitute and finally winds the whole thing up by saying that he likes her a lot but... he has syphilis. She steps back from him like he's covered in baby shit and just runs up the stairs. "That could have gone better," he says with a furrow in his brow. Bet yer ass it could've gone better. Unless you were thinking that calling her a hooker was going to somehow distract her from noticing the syphilis statement.

The Chief's Office of Stabbing Eye Pain. Derek enters and observes that the man dropped a retractor. The Chief spills that a few weeks ago, he was operating and the vision in his right eye became blurry. Well, it's come back again. He had it checked out, but the examination was normal. "But you know what a decline in my visual acuity can mean," the Chief tells Derek. "I'll set up some tests," Derek responds. The Chief asks him to keep it a secret and Derek agrees.

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