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Later, in the cafeteria, George and Alex pass Olivia as they walk toward their table and George wonders if Olivia is talking about him. Alex says that she absolutely is. He goes on to say that syphilis is the best thing that ever happened to George. "In their eyes, you're a player." Yeah. A player who's not going to be getting LAID any time soon. "Hey, syph-boy!" Cristina greets him. George looks at Izzie. "You told her?" "Just Cristina," says Izzie, as if telling "just Cristina" is going to stop this from spreading like, well, syphilis, all over the hospital. To prove my point, Meredith drops down next to George and says, "Hey, George. How're you feeling? Sorry about the syphilis." George is stunned. "Everyone in this hospital knows?" "Knows you're a player," says Alex. "You're disturbed," says George. "True," says Alex. Hee. So true. Alex goes on to say that everybody's got secrets and George should be glad his is out in the open. Cristina challenges Alex to tell them HIS secret. "Show me yours, I'll show you mine," says Alex. Mature. Burke passes just then and Cristina kind of tilts her head his way and then smoothly brings it back to the table so that no one notices what she just did.

Alex supposes that Cristina has some pretty kinky skeletons in her closets and Cristina tells him that the contents of her closets are none of his damn business. Izzie declares that she has no secrets because her life is boring. Would that be the secret about your former modeling career? Or the secret about your trailer park mother and her addiction to phone psychics? Mere says to her plate that everybody's got something to hide. She looks up and everyone's staring at her. Heh.

Burke enters Bill's room and tells him that he doesn't have a tumor. But he does have DNA from two different embryos that merged in the womb at the very early stages of development. In Bill's case, this means that he has a condition that produced gonadal hermaphroditism. Gesundheit. Bill's scared. "In English?" says Burke. "The mass in your bladder is an ovary." Bill's like, the huh? Burke says they're going to have an excellent gynecological surgeon remove it for him. Bill's still freaked out. Burke just assures him that it's a quirk of nature. Bill wants to know if he's still a man and if he'll have any sexual problems. Burke tells him he's a man's man, a Kappa man and then asks if they've been having any problems in the bedroom. "Was it my very pregnant wife that gave it away?" Bill quips. They both laugh and Burke tells him he won't miss the ovary when it's gone.

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