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Hidin' and Seekin'

Ew. A needle. Alex is readying a shot of penicillin for George. "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" asks George. No, George. HE'S ONLY A DOCTOR. Alex just tells him it's a damn shot and that George is lucky he's even helping him out with this. "I've seen more of you than I ever wanted to. I'll be fighting nightmares for a week." George bends over the table and drops his pants so Alex can shoot him in the ass. The curtains open and it's Meredith. "Meredith! Go away!" George tries to shoo her out. "Oh, George," she clucks, "I thought you could use some moral support." Heh. George is all, NO! NO MORAL SUPPORT. NAKED BUTT! NAKED BUTT! Meredith just clucks some more at him, telling him it's not a big deal. "And you have a cute butt." Yeah, fat lot of good your cute butt comment does him NOW, Meredith. Alex whispers that he has a cute butt too, wanna see? "Oh, get out!" Mere snaps at him. "You're doing it wrong." George listens to all of this with his ass hanging out in the wind. Meredith moves in to take Alex's place with the needle and George is all, ALEX, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?? NAKED BUTT NAKED BUTT!!

Alex leaves and Izzie swoops in, asking what they're doing. "Breaking George's spirit!" grumps George as he attempts to close the curtains. "We're curing George's syph," says Mere as she delivers the shot. "I don't like needles!" gasps George. "Good thing you became a doctor," says Mere. She orders him to drop the other side of his pants so she can deliver the other shot. Cristina enters and shouts at Izzie from the other side of the curtain that Franklin's procedure's been schedule for after lunch. Then she too swoops in, all, oh! What're we doing? "We are saving George from a future of festering sores and insanity," says Izzie. "Oh, cute butt!" says Cristina. "Told you," says Meredith to George. "It is cute," says Izzie. "Like a baby's!" Oh, that is NOT what a guy wants to hear. Meredith delivers the final shot to George's ass and he pulls up his pants and says, "You know, I have spent hours, days, years, imagining myself half-naked in a room with three women. The reality is SO much better." He scrambles out as they all grin at his retreating backside. "I think he's gonna cry!" says Cristina. They all collapse in laughter.

Later on, Mere gets another call from the woman at her mom's nursing home. Mere apologizes for hanging up on her earlier and asks what she was calling about. Tonight's their monthly family dinner and Meredith has yet to make an appearance at any of their family functions. Mere blames her lack of attendance on being a surgical intern. Ms. Henry thinks it's important that she attend, and Mere says she'll try to be there. She hangs up and walks off as Derek and the Chief approach. Derek tells him that he's cleared some time in the MRI and the Chief says they should totally get going. His secretary walks up and tells him that there's a problem. "What now?" he asks in annoyance.

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