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"Three interns, four residents and six nurses on this surgical floor," the Chief says in a conference room, minutes later, "have been diagnosed with... syphilis." George looks over at Olivia and she just flits her eyes away. The Chief's secretary lectures everyone that syphilis can lead to blindness, insanity and even death if it's left undiagnosed. The Chief tells them all that if they're having unprotected sex with another member of the staff, then they need to get tested. I find it hard to believe that, in this day and age, DOCTORS, of all people, are just running around fornicating like monkeys with no protection whatsoever. That's just embarrassing. Everyone kind of giggles and then starts laughing even harder when Patricia, the Chief's assistant, has to give them a safe sex demonstration with a banana and a condom. Oh, this is just sad. Derek walks over to the Chief and says they should get down to the MRI now and the Chief is all, dude? Kind of dealing with a syph outbreak here. And Derek is all, yeah, then no one will notice that you're gone, now, will they? The Chief is all, good point. Meet ya there. Mere tells Cristina that she feels sorry for George and says that not many budding relationships can survive a good dose of VD. Cristina kind of makes a face like, "Yeaaaaah. Think how much less they survive when PREGNANCY enters the picture."

After the lecture, we see a line stretching outside the lab with all the people getting tested for syph. Cristina's at the end. The elevator dings and Burke's on it. He sees Cristina and walks over to her. He says she's avoiding him and she says she's busy. He asks why she's in the line and he she says it's the syph line and he says, "You don't need to be in this line." "I don't?" "There's no one else." He pretends to clean his glasses as Cristina shoots him a look of amazement. "That surprises you?" he asks. "Nothing surprises me," she says with a smile. There's a moment and then Burke kind of asides to her, "Do I need to be in this line?" Cristina continues smiling and says, "No." Then they both kind of say "OK" into their hands without looking at each other and then they walk off in opposite directions. Hee. I love them. Izzie walks up and tells Cristina that Franklin's ready for his procedure and then she comments on the syph line. "Well, at least we don't have to stand in line," she says. "That's the one good thing about the fact that neither one of us is gettin' any, right?" Cristina kind of fake chortles and they speed off to attend to Mr. Franklin before Cristina's shit-eating grin of "I'm totally gettin' some and it's gooooood" becomes too glaringly obvious.

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