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McDreamy walks into the locker room, where Mere is dressed in her civvies and furiously moisturizing her hands. He tells her, "It's not the chase." He walks over and tells her that he's crazy about her for her tiny, ineffectual fists, her shiny hair, and the fact that she's so damn bossy: "It keeps me in line." He stares into her eyes. She looks at him, smiles, and says, "I'm still not going out with you." He nods and whispers, "You say that now," and walks away. I really liked her when she was strong and knew how to say no to things that were bad for her.

In post-op, Lloyd wakes up and asks the Chief how his surgery went. It went "very smoothly," according to the Chief. Lloyd: "Damn. That means I'm gonna have to quit smoking." Lloyd closes his eyes. The Chief leaves, and George stands next to Lloyd's bed and holds his hand. Lloyd: "Ah, the pretty ones always come crawling back."

Mere VO tells us that another way to make it through the competition is to ignore it. She looks through a window and sees the snotrags gathered around Viper, who is sitting up and smiling. He sees her through the window and smiles at her.

Mere walks into her house, where Izzie, George, and Cristina are sitting around watching tapes of her mother's surgeries. George jumps up when she enters, certain she'll be furious. He stutters and stammers and puts his beer on a coaster, and then says, "Cristina made us." Mere looks at them and then asks what they're watching. But she knows as soon as she sees the television, describing it as the one where her mother "literally pulls this guy's face off." Mere sits down between Izzie and George and uses the remote to start the video running again. Something particularly gruesome happens, because they all scream with horror. Credits.

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